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The best garage door repair in Calgary begins with the best company. We earnestly believe that Aladdin Garage Doors is that company. With a wide selection of products, a fantastic knowledge of the industry, and a commitment to excellent customer service, they exemplify traits worthy of the title. Plus, they strive to add further value to their business, which results in savings and perks for their customers. However, merely working to provide fantastic Calgary garage door maintenance simply isn’t enough for even the greatest businesses. 


Thankfully, Aladdin Garage Doors doesn’t just satisfy themselves with their many positive attributes. In fact, they go even further than some consider necessary in their commitment to providing various services. The sheer amount of skills that they possess makes them a fantastic choice for anyone looking to repair, install, maintain, or replace their current garage door system.


Excellent Calgary Garage
Door Repair Services

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Residential garage door services come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes people are looking for a simple repair to an off-track door. However, in other cases, it is time to replace the entire door and start new. Furthermore, some clients simply wish to install an automatic door opener for their existing garage door. Each of these services requires a unique skill set, and Aladdin Garage Doors is well equipped to utilize them efficiently. 


Plus, when it comes time for a replacement, there are a lot of options available from this fine company. If you want to try a new style, like carriage or double-door, they have options for you. Similarly, if you are looking for a new colour to match your exterior a bit better, their selection is second-to-none.


Usually, people think of residential garage doors when considering the subject. However, there are many garage doors used in commercial settings as well. For instance, warehouse rollup doors, sliding bay doors, ribbed steel pan doors, pan-insulated doors, insulated “sandwich” doors, and so many more. 


Aladdin Garage Doors provides even greater service by understanding each of these complex door systems and employing effective solutions to tackle any problems that may arise from their use. This knowledge includes various types of panel replacement, but also extends into the areas of motor repair, track management, wheel realignment, and truthfully, any other part of a garage door system.

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Whether you require residential or commercial garage door services in Calgary, the experts at Aladdin Garage Doors have you covered. Garage door repairs? No problem, they say! Garage door installation? Bring it on! Their technicians are well trained and knowledgeable, which gives them the prowess to work on any job you throw at them. Plus, they sell the best quality garage doors and replacement sections, not to mention their wide array of remote controls, inside all units, and fabulous accessories. Work with this family-owned business today.

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Experience the best in garage door repair and installation. Call Aladdin Garage Doors at 403-908-0999 or email them at [email protected]. For information, visit their website at