First Aid Training Calgary

Workplace Approved First Aid & CPR

Feel empowered to respond to any emergency situation by gaining the knowledge of how to act. First Aid Training Calgary is committed to giving you the confidence to make a positive impact on someone’s life when it counts. By turning to First Aid Training Calgary, you can be ready to help others when the moment calls for it.


First Aid Training Calgary offers several Alberta Occupational Health and Safety-approved courses, ensuring you’re prepared, no matter the crisis. With various packages including CPR, first aid, AED, and basic life support, you’re sure to find a program for you.


They’re more than just about teaching, however. First Aid Training Calgary also conducts recertifications and N95 mask fitting tests to ensure your knowledge and skills are constantly up-to-date and emergency-ready.

Doctor showing first aid for choking infant

Affordable & Accessible

First Aid Training Calgary believes that first aid and CPR training should be accessible to all, ensuring that you are set up for success when it comes to tackling emergency situations. That’s why they pride themselves on providing Calgary’s most affordable first aid and CPR training. Finances shouldn’t be a hindering factor when it comes to saving lives.


They also strive to eliminate any barriers blocking your path. From 24-hour online registration to free parking on-site, First Aid Training Calgary makes it easy for you to get the education you need.


If attending courses in person is a struggle for you, never fear! First Aid Training Calgary also offers blended courses, in which you can complete half of the course online before completing the practical application aspects on-site. They are determined to see you successfully graduate from the course and are willing to do what it takes to accomplish that!

Empowering Others Through Knowledge

First Aid Training Calgary takes their role as educators seriously, striving to provide the best courses in order to produce the most prepared individuals. That’s why they are accredited trainers with the Heart & Stroke and training partners with the Canadian Red Cross. Led by a team of industry experts and professionals, there’s nowhere else that offers the same degree of quality in their courses.


That’s why businesses and organizations from across the city turn to First Aid Training Calgary, including the University of Calgary, WestJet, Telus, TransCanada, the Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, and the City of Calgary. Delivering superior training, First Aid Training Calgary has become a sought-after service for all things safety and CPR-related.

Make A Difference

Be prepared in an emergency! Contact First Aid Training Calgary today by calling (403) 407-0756 or going online to to fill out a form.