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Business awareness is a thorn in the side of any business. And as much as e-commerce and online shopping allow companies and their customers, whether business or consumer, to connect—some business models require that real people pass through a door. Your business must grab attention and form a favorable impression within a customer’s mind with just one look. Clear, reliable, and eye-grabbing signage is a must in this case. But how to choose a sign company that can help?


Any business’s storefront is a mirror of itself, and the signage is often underestimated in making a first impression. Universal Sign Group is completely built around making your vision for reliable signage a reality.


Announce Your Business with Calgary’s Leading Sign Company

The ideal sign attracts attention, attracts clients, and helps your business expand. Universal Sign Group, Calgary’s top sign company, invites you to experience it for yourself. They’re the team to handle signage needs with ease and quality, with anything from custom signs to design guidance and installation.


They’ll design, create, and install high-end company signs, quickly catching attention and sending consumers directly through the front door, thanks to their superior product expertise, current requirements, safety protocols, and high standards.


They assist our clients in navigating the permission, permit, and documentation procedure, which may be intimidating and perplexing.

Universal Sign Group’s Signage Fabrication & Installation Process

Universal Sign Group will design and manufacture your bespoke sign with cutting-edge materials and professional installation throughout the process. Creativity and cost-effective economy are just the cherries on top!


Putting up the bespoke signs they create is sometimes the last thing their customers think about, but it remains a critical step in the process that may significantly impact the customer experience.


Their installers work closely with judicious and conscientious in-house fabricators to ensure the sign arrives in good condition, installs seamlessly, and becomes easily serviceable down the road. Crane trucks, bucket trucks, service vans, and flat deck trailers are all part of their fleet. Plus, the installers are entirely qualified and certified to make your sign a reality, capable of servicing or performing LED updates safely and efficiently.


For new commercial developments or commercial properties that need a visual update, pylon or monument signs are indispensable, especially for roadside signage. Pylon signs can be a headache the higher they go, but their team can get the job done with regulatory and practical concerns completely taken care of. Monument signs are another expertly handled addition they can bring to your business.


Pylon & Monument signage showcase and define a property’s entire appearance and mood. They also serve as critical identification for all of the property’s retail, medical, and commercial options. But they don’t stop there. For all your directional, wayfinding, or branding oriented interior signage, give them a call.

Who Can You Call to Stand Out from the Crowd?

Let go of your signage worries and leave the job to the professionals. When you’re in need of an extra awareness boost and you need a sign that lasts, Universal Sign Group has the services you need. Leave it to universalsignscalgary.ca to get memorable signage put up. They may be reached at their contact page, but if you need a friendly voice, call 403-273-5699!