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Outdoor living is getting a lot of momentum and appeal among homeowners all around the country. While there’s a lot of information out there to source a DIY deck, many homeowners just don’t have the time to figure out what materials and designs best fit their vision for an amazing outdoor seating area.

Because a deck makes such a huge impression on your guests or your home’s potential buyers, you’ve got to get a deck done once and done right. Furthermore, safety is an issue that can’t be ignored, so you and your loved ones can stand on a solid deck.

That’s why homeowners often enlist the help of tailgate deck building contractors, who make assurances they can build your deck, but often do so without a plan or a commitment to stay within your budget or project scope. The Deck Store has the answer to these problems.


Reliable DIY Decking Packages & Efficient, Professional Installation

The Deck Store, Calgary and Edmonton’s finest deck showrooms and deck stores invite you to realize your vision; just walk in, describe what you want, and walk out with materials, a plan, and if opted-for, a professional installation booking.

They’ll bring decades of experience building all sorts of decks from various materials like composite, pressure-treated lumber, vinyl and PVC decking, and classic types of wood. Making your vision real just takes some experience in making something similar, and The Deck Store’s experts have built it all. Horizontal, cantilever, and multi-level decks are all possible with tried and tested designs that complement the chosen materials perfectly.

The Deck Store’s Project Management & Installation Process

The Deck Store begins by greeting you as you walk through the door. Rather than starting your project with hours of googling, online forum posts seeking advice, and trawling through the online shops of big box stores, you simply describe your vision to the staff at The Deck Store.


The Deck Store hires and trains workers who know and understand decking projects so you don’t have to learn it all yourself, even if you intend to install it yourself. They also have experience making stunning decks, so if your idea of what you want isn’t fully formed yet, they can tell you about some of the latest decking packages they’ve sold.


Many who try to get a deck built have to reach out to tailgate contractors, deck builders who buy all their materials from big box hardware stores. But that can lead to cost inefficiencies, and if they don’t scope the project correctly, as The Deck Store does, you might be in for bloating costs as the scope of work inflates.


As leading deck builders in Calgary and Edmonton, The Deck Store provides long-lasting vinyl and composite decks, built from the best materials including natural and synthetic ingredients. They also offer wood options, including natural and pressure-treated products. The Deck Store is here to fill the void between big-box retailers who offer goods without knowledge and tailgate businesses that can’t guarantee great outcomes.


For new decks and deck repairs, they use top-of-the-line materials from TREX, FIBERON, Timbertech, Sylvanix, Zuri, and WOLF for decking choices, all of which are backed by decades of expert familiarity. Choose from FORTRESS RAILING, NUVO IRON,  Trex Transcend, VISTA,  and more for solid deck railings.

Who Can You Call to Stand Out from the Crowd?

Feel free to stop sweating the details of building a decking package that looks great and works. Our professional team is here to sell you something you’ll love, with safety and long-lasting materials you might not find anywhere else.


Visit to learn more about their product lines and comprehensive services, to make your decking project a joy instead of a headache. Give us a call, visit our contact page for a quote, or stop by our 5000-square-foot showroom in Calgary, located at 420-42 Ave SE (403) 276-3362. We also have a 6000 square foot showroom in Edmonton, located at 11140 154 St NW, Edmonton (780) 414-0558!