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Business communications have long been dominated by traditional telecommunications (telcomm) plans, whether by landline or mobile GSM cell coverage. But as VoIP has gained popularity, so too have the business applications, especially when streamlining cost structures for businesses who have to keep their employees and all stakeholders connected.


Purchasing a plan that covers every employee and gives them the ability to make and receive calls on the go is all that concerns most business owners, especially small businesses that are more sensitive to monthly prices. Altitude Communications has stepped in to help with just that, as their hosted phone systems and hardware packages leverage VoIP technology and popular proprietary VoIP integrations, like Microsoft Voice.


Hosted Phone Solution
AltiSphereX by Altitude Communications

AltiSphereX by Altitude Communications is a hosted phone solution that provides a frictionless platform for all the seats in your company, so they can call each other and key stakeholders, especially customers. VoIP phone systems offer tremendous flexibility and advantages, and you’ll hardly notice a difference in the quality of service you experience over VoIP.

You might feel a little trepidation when you consider switching business phone systems; if it’s not broken why fix it? But when you compare phone system costs, service quality, and the number of seats you can cover under a chosen plan, the difference between Altitude and your average telcomm can be shocking.


But their onboarding process is designed to make the process much much easier for you. From a consult, to bespoke package optioning, to streamlined onboarding, and finally, the customer success stage – you’re in good hands. Many businesses prefer not to make a switch when efficiency might suffer, as old hands learn new tricks and unfamiliar software or hardware. But that’s where Altitude’s stellar customer success comes in.


There’s a difference between customer success and customer service. Customer success means getting coaching on how to maximize the features you’re paying for. Customer service is about getting a problem solved in the short term. Altitude excels at both, right after your onboarding with them, and boasts some impressive customer service especially.


How many hours have you spent trying to get in contact with telcomm customer service about your business phone plan? One of their most impressive statistics has stuck with us: 90% of tickets (out of a random 4000) are resolved within 1 hour. Most issues are solved within 15 minutes or less. Now that’s service!

Cloud Communications Options

As Microsoft partners, they’re capable of getting Microsoft Voice licensing for you, with turnkey integrations all on a single platform. Leverage Microsoft’s vast suite of Windows Apps and get them connected to a cloud business communication software solution that just works. If you’re already a Microsoft partner yourself, and you’d like to expand communications you get with Teams to include a VoIP phone system, Altitude can make that happen with ease. Find out how getting integrated can save your large, mid-sized, or small business money.

Word of Mouth: Connecting Canadian Small Businesses In Every Way

It goes without saying that small businesses have value and respect that the largest corporations will always struggle to imitate. As allies of small businesses across Calgary, Alberta, Canada and the globe, Altitude Communications respects the power of word-of-mouth advertising. If you’re happy with your Altitude package, getting someone else onboard comes with tangible benefits that will help your bottom line. Let’s form our own network of like-minded small businesses, and enjoy the benefits VoIP technology together.


Visit their website at or give us a call at 403-538-5555 to get the best phone systems for your business. There’s not much to lose, other than traditional carriers, and your business can bring all its communications into the 21st century. Check out our referral program if you’re already with them and you want your vendors, suppliers, and B2B buyers on the same page as you. With incentives, you could enjoy better features and amazing packages for prices you’ll love. Hope to hear from you soon!