Spot Dog Walkers

Spot Makes Dog Walking Easy, Safe & Flexible

Spot Dog Walkers makes dog walking easy! 


As Canada’s only on-demand dog walking app, you can connect with trusted dog walkers across the country, scheduling a time for your precious little fido to go for a walk! All that is required is to download the app, make a profile for you and your pup, find your walkers and book them. You can choose walks that range from 15 to 60 minutes! 


All their walkers are thoroughly interviewed, background-checked and insured to ensure the utmost safety for your little one. Furthermore, all walks are on-leash, GPS-tracked and private. Car rides are off-limits, and each walk ends with a little report and plenty of pictures and videos, so you feel like you were just there! With Spot Dog, you’ll know where your dog is at all times – and most importantly, know their safe. 


Give your dog an adventure around your neighbourhood amidst your busy schedule with Spot Dog Walkers – the safe, simple and flexible dog walking app!

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Booking a Dog Walker in Canada Has Never Been This Easy

What makes Spot Dog Walkers so easy? It’s only a three-step approach, guaranteeing that your dog gets the walk you want in the safest way possible. 

Step 1: Download the App!

Available on both Android and iOS, you download the Spot app with a few clicks! Better yet, new users will receive 50% off their first walk.

Step 2: Create a Profile for You and Your Pup

Share those photos of you and your pup when creating your profile. Provide as many details as possible about you and your dog so that walkers will know everything important about your pup! 

Step 3: Find Your Dog Walkers & Book Them!

From Calgary to Toronto, and everywhere in between, there are thousands of dog walkers in Canada ready to help you. Check out their profiles, find a time that works for you and hire them! It’s that simple! 

Experience the Benefits of Dog Walking with Spot

Keeping your pup fit and healthy, improving their socialization skills, supporting their mental health and energy, and building an emotional connection are some of the key advantages to consistent dog walks. Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes, and it is difficult for your dog to get the exercise they need. 


Thankfully, Spot Dog Walkers provides the solution. Within a few clicks, you can give your dog the exercise it needs to stay fit, healthy and happy! By making sure your pup gets their daily exercise, you’ll know they’re living their best life!


Download Spot Dog Walkers today right here: 

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