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Searching for luxury deck railings at an affordable price? Then look no further, as McLean Railings has got you covered. Boasting elegant, durable, and easy to assemble deck railings, McLean Railings is known for its innovative designs and customizable finishes, allowing you to put your own touch on the installation.


From picket or glass railing systems to wheelchair ramp rails, pipe rails, pillars, and trellises, McLean Railings’ products are reliable, both in terms of structure and lifespan. Created with Canadian winters in mind, their powder-coating finish is resistant to cracking, chipping, peeling, rust, abrasions, and even chemical exposure, all while fully complying with standard and safety codes. Therefore, their deck railings are an investment you can feel confident about.


Better Than Big Box Railings

Why go with basic railings that can be found on any property when you can have customized deck railings that enhance your home’s exterior? Made from high-quality aluminum and featuring a patented design that makes for a streamlined installation, McLean Railings’ products have no equal. By working with you directly, McLean Railings can custom the tempered glass panels based on your size requirements and finishing choices, as well as provide you with an unlimited range of colour options to choose from. 


With a five-year warranty on all their materials, McLean Railings believes that deck railings should work to serve you, with no compromises in sight. Your backyard is an extension of your home’s aesthetic, so don’t allow limitations to prevent you from having the deck of your dreams.


That said, McLean Railings aims to elevate your railings without breaking the bank. That’s why they have established effective partnerships with manufacturers and wholesalers. By selling directly to you, they can ensure that prices are not marked up and remain fair.

Top-Quality Railings and Service

With over 25 years of experience and locations spanning from Victoria to Winnipeg, it’s safe to say that McLean Railings know what they’re doing, and does it well. With all of their railings engineer-tested and featuring innovative designs, it’s easy to understand why homeowners, contractors, and home builders alike turn to McLean Railings.


To fulfill their guaranteed positive experience, McLean Railings abides by a high standard of quality, and believes that attention to detail and commitment to safety is the difference between mediocrity and excellence. By choosing McLean Railings, you can be certain that you are only receiving the best service.

Discover the Difference with McLean Railings

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