Switch Lighting

Your LED Lighting Installation Company

High-quality LED lighting can elevate any professional or residential space while saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on energy bills. Why wait to make the switch? Experts in LED lighting, Switch Lighting is on standby, offering you customized lighting solutions that deliver transformative long-term benefits for both you and your wallet.


Ready to tackle any project or request you may have, Switch Lighting offers a wide range of services, including distributing lighting solutions to electricians, customizing lighting systems for your application, and retrofitting LED lighting into your existing space. 


They also provide a free lighting design to determine the best placement and selection of components for your space. This allows you to feel confident in your plan as you move forward, understanding how your lighting choices will play in your given workplace. Switch Lighting leads with preparation and creativity, ensuring their customers are set up for a finished product that they are satisfied with.


Accessible, Game-Changing LED Lighting Systems

Switch Lighting understands that each client is unique, which is why they don’t believe in standard options. Rather, they provide their clients with a canvas to customize their light fixtures to suit their personal needs and professional requirements. From the colour of the lights to advanced retrofitted lighting, Switch Lighting loves to help their clients get creative and maximize what their lighting can do for them.


Switch Lighting also works to save you money. By working directly with the factory supplier, you are able to skip over the middleman, thus avoiding retail costs. Additionally, you can be sure you are receiving the best quality of products as they build your own custom lighting system. Switch Lighting is so confident in the calibre of their products that they provide a five-year warranty on every single one.


When it comes to new construction projects, Switch Lighting is ready to offer their services with competitive bid packages.

Shining Light on Switch Lighting

With over 600 customers served in just over seven years, you can feel confident that Switch Lighting has the experience to fulfill your lighting needs. Their products have saved more than 15 million kWh of energy, translating to $60 million in energy savings.


Switch Lighting supports commercial and public enterprises in various industries across Western Canada, including agricultural businesses, commercial properties, community centres, industrial spaces, and educational institutions. Why not include your own industry on that list?

Make The Switch

Now’s the time to choose LEDs. Contact Switch Lighting today by calling (403) 931-0447, emailing [email protected], or going online to switchlighting.ca to submit a form.