The Future Starts With FulcrumAir

Why limit your business to what can only be seen from the ground? Combining revolutionary technology and industry-transforming solutions to produce aerial robotics and commercial drone services, FulcrumAir is taking the automation world by storm. 


By providing creative answers to aerial projects, FulcrumAir is able to help your business increase efficiency, improve safety, reduce costs, and equip your team with everything they need to succeed in the field. Bird flight diverters, photogrammetry, LiDAR, thermal sensors, mapping drones, and heavy-lift drones are but some of the services that FulcrumAir can offer you in your pursuit of gaining a competitive edge.


Take Your Business to New Heights

FulcrumAir’s mission is to solve problems in sustainable, efficient, and innovative ways. From vegetation mapping to thermal inspections to tree seedling delivery, there are no limitations on the applications of commercial drone services. Their in-house engineers relish the opportunity to explore what is possible as they invent and build equipment tailored to meet the needs of various industries.


The applications of FulcrumAir’s drones are endless, expanding into the worlds of power transmission, forestry drone service, infrastructure and construction, facility inspection, and environmental monitoring.


Fortunately, exceptional technology does not equate to unattainable prices. Manned aircraft can be more dangerous and expensive than commercial drones. FulcrumAir ensures you stay on budget while getting better results and minimizing risk.

Unique Challenges Call For Advanced Solutions

FulcrumAir maintains the perfect balance of creativity and regulations with ease, as exhibited by their numerous accolades. Their dedication to innovation, technology, and leadership is internationally recognized, emphasized by their winning the 2021 ENMAX Amplifier Fund Award. This acknowledgement is backed by several certifications marking their commitment to safety and principles, including Transport Canada, Comply Works, and APEGA.  


FulcrumAir is also one of the only companies in Canada to receive approval for Beyond Visual Line of Sight flight. Utilizing this increase of range and flexibility will allow your company to stand out from the rest in your field as you tackle aerial operations.


Made up of designers and engineers, the team at FulcrumAir has invested over 20,000 hours in developing two of the world’s leading industrial UAVs, as well as an autonomous robot, the LineFly. These game-changers allow businesses to tackle bigger challenges and reach a potential they never imagined.

Take Your Business to New Heights

Modernize your problem-solving approach and turn to FulcrumAir to maximize your performance. Call today at (403) 457-8844 for Canadian business inquiries and at (833) 457-8844 for the American counterpart. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]