Lemon Fresh Cleaning

Leaders in Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection

Finding the motivation to clean your home during your day off can be a struggle. Fortunately, Lemon Fresh Cleaning is ready to elevate your property to another level of cleanliness. Tackling residential and commercial properties, Lemon Fresh Cleaning’s experienced and passionate cleaners blend their detailed cleaning approach with your cleaning standards.


At Lemon Fresh Cleaning, nothing is more important than the customer. That’s why every decision they make is designed to provide you with superior service and reliability. Locally owned, this company ensures you have constant access to the decision-makers, while also remaining contract-free. Lemon Fresh Cleaning wants to earn your business and works hard to ensure you are satisfied at the end of every visit.


Customized Cleaning Services

No two properties are the same, and Lemon Fresh Cleaning understands that. This is why they proudly offer customized residential and commercial cleaning services that are dependent entirely on your needs. Hoping for a bi-weekly deep clean? Need your floors vacuumed daily? Lemon Fresh Cleaning has got you covered and will work with you to build the perfect cleaning schedule.


There are no limits to the types of cleaning services that Lemon Fresh Cleaning will take on. When it comes to residential and commercial cleanings, they cover anything from regularly scheduled maintenance to move-in/out cleanings. 


Lemon Fresh Cleaning believes that creating a safe, clean environment inspires those in that space to feel happier, healthier, and more relaxed. Not only will your workers be more motivated and productive, but your family and friends will feel more comfortable living in a clean space. Who can pass that up?

Fresh and Clean

A member of the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, Lemon Fresh Cleaning believes in a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you feel an area was overlooked or missed, then they will be back within the day to make sure your property is to your standards. This is why they have established themselves as the leading providers of cleaning services in Calgary, Cochrane, and the surrounding area.


Lemon Fresh Cleaning has quickly become synonymous with professionalism and friendliness. Maintaining a loyal following from their customers, they strive to exceed every expectation and infuse kindness into every interaction.

Enjoy Those Clean Benefits

An average of two years of your life is spent cleaning. Take some of that time back! Contact Lemon Fresh Cleaning today by calling (403) 909-8330, emailing [email protected], or going online to lemonfreshcleaning.ca to fill out a form.