Languages in Motion

Industry-Leading Certified Translator in Canada

If you’re searching for a certified translator or interpreter, then look no further. Languages in Motion is a passionate and committed translation and interpreter service that aims to bring the world together through clear communication.


English and French may be the official languages of Canada, but Languages in Motion recognizes that millions of Canadians are fluent in a different language. That’s why they provide you with access to over 200 languages, ensuring there is no limit in who you can connect with.


Professional translators are at your disposal to tackle marketing materials, corporate documents, technical documents, and financial documents, while certified translators are ready to assist you with immigration documents, passports, academic documents, and legal documents. 


Interpreters, meanwhile, are easily accessible for executive meetings, conferences, seminars, and presentations. Aiming to enhance the quality of people’s lives, Languages in Motion won’t settle for anything less than top-notch.


Leveraging Technology

Why limit your options? When it comes to procuring interpretation services, Languages in Motion provides 24/7 on-demand access to interpreters. Whether on the phone, through video, or in person, you can be certain that you’ll have the resources you need whenever you require them.


Location is no longer a concern as well, with Languages in Motion on the case. If you’re in need of an in-person interpreter, you can book locally or even choose to have them travel with you. Additionally, phone interpreters are available to you anywhere in the world.


Specializing in the legal, health care, immigration, financial, marketing, and technical industries, Languages in Motion understands that each field comes with its own industry-specific terms and languages. That’s why they ensure that their clients are paired with certified translators or interpreters that are experienced in the given area of expertise.

Delivering Quality Translation Services

Languages in Motion is dedicated to high-quality translation services at any time of the day, and their impressive list of clients will back that up, including Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the City of Calgary, the Alberta government, and Edmonton Police Services.


Their numerous partners will also speak to their reliability and professionalism, including Alberta Service Bureau, Drayden Registries, Canada China Business Council, and Sylvan Lake Registries Inc.


With over 11,642 orders processed and 8,120 translators and interpreters within the company, Languages in Motion has proven to be an incredible force within the world of communication.

Enhance Your Life

Ensure everyone around you is heard and understood. Reach out to Languages in Motion today by calling 1-888-556-5541 or go to to request a translation service or interpreter.