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Timothy Dunlap: The Car Accident Lawyer on Your Side

Dunlap Injury Law is the car accident lawyer in Alberta who works with his clients. There are no junior lawyers at this firm any more than there are unimportant cases. You work directly with a man with more than 25 years of experience as a lawyer fighting some of the biggest cases in the province. This devotion to the craft and his clients makes Timothy Dunlap an excellent choice for anyone looking to hire a lawyer ready to fight for maximum compensation.


He employs strategies hard won from a lifetime of practicing law to serve you better. From fighting to get top medical treatment from your insurance company to getting weekly compensation for the totally disabled, his in-depth knowledge is your pathway to the best results for your health and family. Learn more about the services he offers below. 

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Car Accident Lawyer Fighting for Compensation Across Alberta

Dunlap Injury Law is available from Calgary to Edmonton, north to Grande Prairie and Fort McMurray, and throughout the rest of the province. Wherever people need the services of a car accident lawyer in Alberta, his devotion to serving Albertans shows through in all the cases he takes on.

Help When You Need It

Personal Injury

From broken bones to traumatic brain injuries and paralysis to whiplash, the effects of personal injury can be felt in many ways. After a car accident, work-related incident or other damaging event, you may want to seek compensation against someone responsible. In these events, seeking out a lawyer capable of providing advice and information can be a valuable asset.

Motorcycle Accidents

Many types of injuries can result from motorcycle accidents with many people being lucky to come away only with road rash. If these injuries are caused by a reckless or irresponsible driver, it’s reasonable to assume that compensation should be given. Speaking with a capable and experienced legal professional can be a good way to explore your legal options. 

Pedestrian Accidents

As a pedestrian, it is easy to forget the dangers of the road. Only when someone fails to yield or isn’t paying attention do the realities often become clear, and by then it is often too late. Understanding your rights in these situations can mean a substantial difference in the quality of care you receive, so it is best to seek out professional legal advice.

Why This Car Accident Lawyer?

Nothing compares to the value of experience hard-won in the courtroom. When working with Dunlap Injury Law, you get access to a wealth of experience. And not just any experience, mind you. His experience comes from right here in Alberta, working within the same legal system longer than a life sentence, learning and absorbing the nuances of the law. 

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