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Welcome to your trusted, customer-friendly Calgary dispensary! Bud Bar in NW Calgary is available to meet all your cannabis needs. As a comfortable haven, people can feel themselves in a clean, safe, relaxed and welcoming environment. With friendly customer representatives, customers will understand the benefits that come with responsible recreational marijuana use. By being open and informative, Bud Bar looks to enlighten people on how cannabis can be properly consumed, and healthy purchasing, so they can make well-informed choices. Whether you are looking for more information about marijuana or want to enhance your experience, Bud Bar is the Calgary dispensary that you should trust. 


Everything You Need
in a Calgary Dispensary

As experts in cannabis, Bud Bar looks to ensure that all customers’ requests are met. They do so by providing an extensive range of cannabis products from leading brands on the Canadian and global markets, such as Aurora, Tweed, Solei and Riff, all within the comfort of a modern store. Thanks to their personalized service, including one-on-one educational sessions, customers will experience support with their team of budtenders, who are highly knowledgeable about various cannabis brands, strains, and products. Add in digital menus and iPad kiosks, customers can search and filter through buds, pre-rolls, oils, and capsules to find the products that they want. Combining all these features together ensure that their customers are well looked after, and are informed about the right choices for marijuana. It’s everything you can ask for in a Calgary dispensary, and it’s why Bud Bar should be your only choice.

The Modern Calgary Marijuana Store

You don’t have to go far when it comes to experiencing a high-quality service for your marijuana consumption. With educational budtenders, a modern-facility and a welcoming environment, Bud Bar is Calgary’s new hotspot for cannabis. With two marijuana stores in Calgary Northwest, they make it easy for you to access safe, high-quality recreational cannabis at competitive prices. 

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Experience the best in cannabis service with Bud Bar. Call them at (587) 391-1586. Feel free to visit one of our stores today: 2008 14 Street NW or 1717 10 Street NW. You can also submit an online order at budbardispensary.ca/