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For vapers, simply vaping on the regular isn’t enough. This hobby has so many facets and specializations that the industry can have a hard time keeping up. For instance, Calgary vape shops need a stock of box mods, e-juice, electronic cigarettes, replacement parts, tanks, coils, and, of course, vapes themselves. Each product has a special place in the heart of your average vaper because customization is at the heart of the vaping community.


Luckily, there is a company that understands this desire for customization intimately. That company is Foggy Gorilla Vape Shop. They offer a wide selection of products for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. Plus, they carry the most popular brands like Aspire, Snok, Asmodus, and many more. Each product from these brands carries another level of customization too. 


The reason customization is such a significant part of the hobby is because of the cumulative effect it brings to the table. For instance, if a vaper wants to achieve massive cloud production, they will have to replace their tank with a larger option and increase the total power of their coil system. Additionally, they need to learn about high heat burning e-juice and hone in on their favourite flavours and brands. And, they might need multiple vapes to ensure they have an adequate supply of spare parts, or to compare manufacturer features.


With such a wide variety of choices and considerations, it is no wonder Foggy Gorilla Vape Shop is the best place in Calgary to go for all your vaping needs.


E-juice Experts in Calgary

Foggy Gorilla Vape Shop isn’t just a great place to get replacement parts for your vape, though. As a matter of fact, another area that receives a lot of love from their valued clients is the e-juice section. Featuring top brands like 12 Monkeys, The Milkman, Naked 100, 7 Daze, Bazooka, and many, many more, their stores have e-juice flavours for the masses. Whether you want a tropical flavour explosion, a muted tobacco, or a rich and hearty liquor flavour, their selection will certainly have enough options for you to find your absolute favourite. 

Calgary vape shops like Foggy Gorilla Vape Shop don’t come around every day, that is for sure. Plus, we have only scraped the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their selection of top quality e-juice suppliers. Keep It 100, Ice Tease, Illusions, Dinner Lady, Don Cristo, Flavour Addicts, Chill, and so many more that it would be impossible to list each of them here. Ultimately, if you want to get into the exciting and fulfilling hobby of vaping, there is no better course of action than to visit Foggy Gorilla Vape Shop and talk to one of their experienced and friendly staff.

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If you are searching for electronic cigarettes, vapes, box mods, Aspire coils, e-juice flavours, starter kits, vaporizers, or any other vaping accessory, come check out Foggy Gorilla Vape Shop. They have locations in Calgary, Airdrie, Red Deer, Sylvan Lake, and Stettler to serve you better. Check out one of their convenient locations, or call to inquire about their vast selection, today!

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