Impact Orthodontics

Creating Smiles Worth Showing Off

Every child deserves a smile that makes them feel happy and confident. Give them that gift by turning to Impact Orthodontics, the orthodontic clinic that wants what’s best for your kids. They aim to deliver healthy and beautiful smiles that your children can show off to the world.


Whether your child is self-conscious of their smile due to crooked teeth or they experience pain or discomfort while eating, Impact Orthodontics has the solutions for you. Offering services such as Invisalign, braces, growth assessment, and dental monitoring, they strive to provide extraordinary results, thus setting your child up for success. From gummy smiles and jaw alignment to overbites, underbites, and crowded teeth, Impact Orthodontics can fix it all!


Budget-Friendly & Personalized Care

Impact Orthodontics understands that each child is unique, and therefore requires a personalized approach to their teeth. Committed to delivering outstanding care, they aim to offer a great experience for your child by finding a solution that makes sense for them, whether that be braces or Invisalign. Impact Orthodontics is constantly motivated by the potential of each process and the smile that results from it.


They also know that orthodontics can be pricey. Impact Orthodontics doesn’t want anyone missing out, which is why they offer direct billing to all major insurance companies and have convenient, budget-friendly financing options. Their goal is to make their treatments accessible and affordable for everyone. 


Impact Orthodontics also strives to eliminate any hassle that can come with in-office visits. With their free Dental Monitoring app, patients can track their progress, communicate with the office, and send photos. Your child is guaranteed to feel supported during the entire process.

Restoring Confidence, One Smile At A Time

Established in 2009, Impact Orthodontics has quickly become synonymous with stunning results and kind service. Driven by their genuine interest in and care for children, the staff at Impact Orthodontics look forward to every time a child’s braces are removed, as they can’t get enough of the confident smiles that radiate from their patients’ faces.


Orthodontic care is vital to maintaining physical health and promoting confidence and healthy self-esteem. When it comes time for your child to get braces, turn to a clinic that will put your child first.

Say “Cheese”!

Why wait for a smile you love? Contact Impact Orthodontics today by calling (587) 327-6727, emailing [email protected], or going online to to book an appointment or get a quote.