YYC Injectionist

Leaders in Medical Grade Treatments

When we feel confident, it feels like we can take on anything! But if ageing or problematic skin has us feeling self-conscious, we might hold ourselves back. That’s where YYC Injectionist comes in! A division of Laser Hair & Skin Centre, YYC Injectionist’s motto is putting the “you” back in youthful.


YYC Injectionist wants every patient who walks through their door to feel beautiful. By offering services such as Botox injections, dermal and facial fillers, and body sculpting, they hope to unlock the version of you that you aspire to be. Their countless services are a wonderful way to enhance your youth by adding volume and shape to your face.


They also believe in tackling skin concerns the safe way to minimize potential risks and side effects. That’s why they offer tattoo removal services that are both safe and effective.


Enhance Your Beauty

YYC Injectionist believes that experience is key, particularly when it comes to medical enhancements. With a knowledgeable and skilled professional on your side, treatments such as lip fillers and injections for frown lines can have beautiful, natural results. Confidence shouldn’t be unattainable, so YYC Injectionist strives to make glowing beauty accessible and practical.


They also are big advocates for education. While their procedures are non-invasive, they believe that each patient should be completely informed on their treatment, with every question answered. The kind and supportive staff at YYC Injectionist guarantee quality and security throughout the entire process, from the consultation to the final treatment.

An Expert Team You Can Trust

Education is a founding principle at YYC Injectionist. Determined to provide the best care and results, they uphold the strictest of educational standards in Canada. Each team member is thoroughly trained and re-trained, and they continue to research the latest techniques and newest methods. YYC Injectionist takes pride in the standards they set to ensure you feel confident turning to them.


Their unrelenting commitment to safety and innovation is unlike anything Calgary has ever seen before. That’s perhaps a reason why their clinic has surpassed 90% of all other Calgary clinics and continues to thrive based on referrals and repeat clientele. YYC Injectionist has become synonymous with safety and dedication, and the respect they have established within their community is resounding.

Prepare For Stunning Results

Regain your youth and confidence! Contact YYC Injectionist today for a complimentary consultation and assessment by calling (403) 255-0150 or going online to yycinjectionist.ca to fill out a form!