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Arcadia Adventures Escape Room offers a one-of-a-kind unique gaming experience for would-be adventurers. With real-life escape rooms in Calgary, created to create an immersive cinematic experience, you will have to work together with friends, family, partners or co-workers to solve the riddles – before the clock runs out! 


Each escape room is immaculately designed and original in their creation, with themes from classic stories to modern-day horror flicks. Each escape room has its own mysterious storylines, interactive riddles, puzzles and quality one-of-a-kind clues that will challenge your team. It’s a novel experience that will feel authentic in every way and makes Arcadia’s awe-inspiring escape rooms thrilling and fun for everyone. 


Are you ready to take on one of Arcadia’s escape rooms in Calgary? Can you steal the golden artifact in “A Golden Acquisition”? Will you survive a heart-pounding race against time to find a zombie cure in “Survival at Z-Hour”? What about escaping from the “Ye Olde Horrible Dungeon” or solving the mystery of “Secret of the S.S. Allami”? 


If you are, then there is no time to waste! Experience a real-life escape room by visiting Arcadia Adventure Escape Rooms.

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Why Go To A Calgary
Escape Room?

Escape rooms are quick-thinking, problem-solving activities that bring out the best in teamwork and collaboration. Handling an escape room on your own isn’t much fun or exciting. But working as a team puts you in an exciting situation where you have set aside differences and think as a unit to escape the room before the clock runs out! 


It’s ideal for team-building events, corporate retreats, and birthday parties, as well as for friends hanging out, family outings, date nights, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and just a fun activity on a lazy day. 


At Arcadia Adventures Escape Room, you have one hour to work as a team to solve the riddles to the storyline, or you’ll fail miserably. Can you do it?

Book Your Spot At Arcadia Adventures

Grab your family, friends or co-workers and brace yourself for a real-life adventure! Within one hour, you have to follow the story, search for clues and solve the riddles! With intense gameplay, thrilling adventures and helluva lots of fun, you’ll experience a real adventure at Arcadia Adventures Escape Rooms. 


Retrieve the golden idol, save humanity from the walking dead, catch the thief or escape the bewitched fairytale dungeon. The choice is yours. Book your appointment today or contact them for more information.

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