2000 Days Daycare

The Calgary Daycare that Empowers Your Children

The first 2000 days of your child’s life is the most important time for their development. So why not choose a daycare that actively works to make each moment spent with them impactful? 


Emphasizing family and education, 2000 Days Daycare strives to treat each child in their care as their own. Effortlessly weaving teaching skills and playtime together, 2000 Days Daycare maintains an environment of love and respect while helping your little one grow to be their best self.


Conveniently located in central Calgary, this state-of-the-art facility creates a space that will allow your child to feel fulfilled and valued every time they step through the door. Experience the opportunities they can provide your child firsthand by contacting them today.


Safe, Supportive & Fun

2000 Days Daycare’s nurturing, educational environment lays the foundation of your child’s success, but it’s the building blocks of socialization, communication, and learning that set them apart. 


No child is the same, so 2000 Days Daycare ensures smaller class sizes, allowing your child to receive personalized attention. With exceptional childcare teachers supporting your child each day, the extra care quickly translates into social and emotional development.


Pairing emotional support with learning encouragement comes naturally to 2000 Days Daycare. From Jolly Phonics and Kindermusik to Math 3 and Science, their curriculum will stimulate and enthrall your child. Don’t be surprised if you see a few tears shed when it comes time to leave at the end of the day.


This dedication to child wellness should come as no surprise, as this family-owned daycare was established based on their wishes for their own child. They infused their high standards into the operation of 2000 Days Daycare, creating a clean and safe environment that values education in a fun and engaging way.

Be Treated Like Family

If you want a high-quality daycare that features a strong curriculum and treats your entire family like their own, then you can stop searching. At 2000 Days Daycare, your child is a priority, not simply a number.


Their focus on family and quality care is at the forefront of every decision they make, so you’ll be certain your voice is heard and your child receives the best care possible. Finding care can be stressful, so let them take the burden off your shoulders.


With 758 happy families and counting, why not join the 2000 Days Daycare community? Book a tour or call today and learn why so many are turning here for their child’s care.

Enhance Your Child’s Development With 2000 Days Daycare

Why look anywhere else when they have everything your child needs to be well-balanced and fulfilled? Contact them today by calling (403) 319-2332 or going online to 2000daysdaycare.ca to book a tour.