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The difference between winning and losing your criminal case comes down to having a highly qualified defence lawyer who understands the court system and can create a robust case for your defence; Timothy J. Dunlap is that lawyer. Having practiced criminal defence for over 25 years, he specializes in impaired driving charges (such as dangerous driving and driving while suspended), sexual offences (such as assault) and domestic violence. 


His practice, Dunlap Law, has seen him assist individuals in every corner of the Province of Alberta, from Grand Prairie to Fort McMurray, as well as being frequently retained in both Saskatchewan and British Columbia. His understanding of the court system, strong team of administrators, and his educational desire to stay current with the latest decisions and changes to criminal charges, provides him with the platform to obtain a positive outcome for clients. 


Don’t let a wrongly accused charge ruin your life. You deserve a chance to get the best representation in court. With over 25 years of experience, a proven track record and a success rate that most criminal lawyers in Calgary and Edmonton would be envy of, your future is secure with Dunlap Law. 


What Makes Dunlap Law Stand Out From Other Criminal Lawyers in Calgary?

Success Rate in Alberta Courts

Dunlap Law has a stunning 98% success rate in court. That high-level of success can only be obtained by an experience and determined lawyer that does what he can to prove his client’s story. Dunlap Law is among the top criminal lawyers with an extremely high success rate and one that they are proud of. 

Over 25 Years of Experience

Experience matters when it comes to court cases. You want a criminal lawyer that is knowledgeable and experienced, passionate and educational. You’ll get that with Dunlap as he has more than 25 years of experience helping people just like you win their cases. Coupled with his experienced assistants, you’ve got the best team in Alberta. 

Credibility & Enhanced Reputation

As one of Alberta’s most trusted criminal defence lawyers, Dunlap’s name is recognized throughout courts in Alberta. You are hiring a credible and well-established lawyer that you can always count on to deliver results. 

The Best Calgary & Edmonton DUI Lawyer

If you are charged with impaired driving, dangerous driving, suspended driving, assault, possession charges, theft, or any other criminal offence, and believe that you are innocent or have been misrepresented, Timothy Dunlap can help. 

As your trusted DUI lawyer in Calgary and Edmonton, not only will he defend your case, but he will take the time to understand your situation and help you in any way possible. You’ll feel comfortable, secure, and most importantly, aware of your legal rights and responsibilities. With a strong case to build on, you will know that your future is secure. 

Calgary & Edmonton's Leading Criminal Defence Lawyer

For a successful, credible and experienced criminal lawyer in Calgary and Edmonton, call Dunlap law today for a free consultation at 1-866-247-2264. You can also visit dunlapcriminaldefencelawyer.com for more information.