Lionheart Psychology Group

Calgary’s Original Co-operative of Psychologists

Struggling with your mental health? Going through a difficult time in your life? Need someone to talk to? Dedicated to providing exceptional support and setting the standard in mental health care, Lionheart Psychology Group is here for you. At Lionheart Psychology Group, a group of experienced professionals are at your disposal, ready to help you on your mental health journey.


No matter your concern, there is guaranteed to be a psychologist with education specialized to your specific needs. Whether you require clinical psychology and counselling, forensic psychology, or rehabilitation psychology, Lionheart Psychology Group is ready to find the treatment approach that is right for you.


Helping you become the person you want to be is at the heart of what they do. Lionheart Psychology Group recognizes that taking the step to reach out can be a tough one, so they lead with compassion and understanding as you begin your journey with them.


Unparalleled Accessibility

In an effort to be accessible and exceed expectations, Lionheart Psychology Group is the only group of psychologists in Calgary with an office in every quadrant of the city. Not convenient enough? They took it one step further and added the option of having your sessions on the phone or over video calls. Lionheart Psychology Group actively removes obstacles to ensure you are able to get in contact with one of their professionals.


From children to adults, couples, and families, Lionheart Psychology Group treats everyone with patience, dignity and respect. With a versatile range of treatment approaches and strategies that are individually tailored to fit your needs, there is no question that Lionheart Psychology Group cares about their patients. By treating each person who walks through their doors with kindness and encouragement, they strive to build strong and effective relationships.

Respected and Accredited Therapists

Lionheart Psychology Group is dedicated to your growth and self-reflection, so they only hire the best. Their psychologists are members of several esteemed organizations, including the Canadian Psychological Association, the Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, the Alberta Family Mediation Society, and the College of Alberta Psychologists.


Additionally, all of their forensic psychologists have been qualified as experts by both the Provincial Court and the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. Therefore, when receiving help regarding divorce, child custody, or mediation, you can be certain you are speaking with the best.

Take Back Control

Don’t wait any longer to get the help you need. Contact Lionheart Psychology Group today by calling (403) 754-6468, emailing [email protected], or going online to to submit a form.