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Protecting your business is essential for many reasons. With the rise of civil unrest and declining employment rates, your premises may be under a severe threat or risk of damage. However, unlike traditional business security systems that rely on security guards to keep your items safe, there is a new solution just over the horizon.


Indeed, recent innovations in the fields of security and surveillance have made virtual guards a possible, nay probable, method of protecting your assets from harm. What are virtual security guards? Why, they are the best way to defend your business. Instead of a single individual on-site, you have access to a team of professionals who utilize top-of-the-line monitoring equipment, like movement and thermal sensors, to detect changes and alert authorities on the fly.


Still not convinced? Consider this: A burglar watches the route of a security guard and sees that he patrols for twenty minutes during every hour of his shift. The burglar patiently waits for the guard to begin his patrol and then slips through the front door and escapes with valuables before the return of the security officer. This is the inferior and traditional system of security.


Now, instead, picture the same scenario but there is no guard. Instead, high-quality security cameras reside at each entrance. Access control systems keep the locks secure, and when the burglar tries to investigate, a voice calls out from a commercial intercom system, informing him of a trespassing offence. Truly, the difference in quality speaks for itself.

The Significant Benefits of Commercial Security Systems

As Alberta’s leading provider of commercial security systems and quality service, Centini Security provides a wide spectrum of options and choices. Plus, their due diligence, professionalism, freedom of customization and foresight are just some of the reasons that Calgary and Edmonton highly trust this company. Additionally, the combination of advanced technology, digital guard services and 24/7 rapid service make them a strong contender in both classic and modern security applications. With a proactive assessment approach, regular audits, preventative maintenance and emergent monitoring, Centini Security controls all parts of your operation and ensures you have the capabilities to do the same. Learn how to elevate your security systems in Calgary and Edmonton today with the help of Centini Security. 

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