The Inn On Officers' Garden

The Inn On Officers' Garden

The Inn on Officers’ Garden is a unique modern inn experience. Established and built on the grounds of the Currie Barracks, this lavish boutique hotel has been back to its former glory by merging the exceptional craftsmanship of the past with the workmanship of modern times. Now, it’s a delightful, well-respected and much-loved establishment, offering a wealth of spaces and social hubs while catering to those wishing to escape away from the mundane. 


As a social hub for the entire community of Currie, you can find a wealth of various dining venues and restaurants, open spaces for weddings, corporate events, and special occasions, as well as a boutique hotel that is perfect for a getaway or for preparation of that “special day”. 

The impressive brand-new surroundings within this historic building are a comfortable meeting place any day of the week. The Inn On Officers’ Garden is a social hub for the entire community of Currie and the surrounding areas, a sought-after space for weddings, corporate events, family reunions and even a Calgary boutique hotel weekend away for friends or couples.


Open Spaces & Special Occasions All At One Boutique Hotel

The Inn has a wealth of marvellous spaces that can cater to anyone’s needs. You can choose from these delightful venues: 

The Event Hall

A warm and welcoming event space with an original fireplace and hardwood walls that can accommodate up to 120 people. It’s great for weddings, anniversaries, corporate events and many special moments.

The Officers Pub

A classic pub for a classic community. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with your family and friends, enjoying high-quality meals and modern brews.

Flanders Fine Food

The fresh food market right in the heart of The Inn. You’ll be able to enjoy a marvellous selection of pastries, dressings, coffees, sandwiches and salads.

The Historic Living Room

Want a night to relax and have fun with friends? This ideal and intimate space is perfect for those looking to play a few board games or just lounging in comfort. Forget work and enjoy a night with friends here.

The Snake Pit

A great place to hang out or host a private party. With a casual sports bar, some pool and darts, you can embrace a true escape for the evening and party!

The Mark McCullough Memorial Conservatory

A glass atrium overlooking the Officers’ Garden, this amazing conservatory was made in memory of Mark McCullough, who with Canada Lands, created the communities of Currie, Garrison Woods and Garrison Green. Enjoy a Sunday brunch in the sunshine.

Vino Chat

Just tucked behind The Inn, Vino Chat is a unique space for your event. With up to 24 people, you can showcase your artwork, entertain guests or show appreciation to your employees.

Chill Out

Do you feel like some ice cream? Right in the middle of the Mark McCullough Conservatory, you can get a scoop of your favourite ice creams any time of day.

Perfect For Unique
Wedding Events in Calgary

The Inn is the perfect unique wedding venue in Calgary. With a wealth of stunning spaces, you have both casual and formal affairs. With an in-house event coordinator, you will have access to various services, such as in-house photography/videography, salon for hair and nails, florist and vendors. 


More so, you can enjoy twelve beautiful suites that showcase The Inn’s unique architectural details. The Inn Suites offer beautiful hospitality suites with spacious rooms, bedrooms and luxurious baths. This is the perfect location for a bride and her entourage to get ready for the big day or enjoy the Honeymoon!

Experience The Inn in Calgary Today

Whether you are looking for the perfect event for your wedding or corporate event, or if you wish to enjoy a night out with family and friends, The Inn in Calgary offers you everything you need in one marvellous and historical location. 


Contact them today at (587) 885-1995 or at [email protected] to reserve your spot or get more information. You can drop by at 150 Dieppe Drive SW Calgary