The Botox Course

The Gold Standard in Neuromodulator Training

Are you a licensed and authorized health care professional interested in injecting? Are you looking for an anatomy and evidence-based training course? Then turn to the botox course, the course you wish you had taken when you began your career in medical aesthetics.


Medical aesthetics is a growing field, but finding a path into the industry can be confusing, daunting, and stressful. The botox course is designed to provide you with hands-on, comprehensive training to expand the scope of your medical practice. Even if you don’t own a medi-spa or a medical practice, many clinics are looking to hire trained injectors.


If you want to become a trained injector without the stress, cost, and confusion that comes with learning this skillset, the botox course is the gold standard neuromodulator training course for you.


Comprehensive, Practical & Anatomy-Based Courses

When it comes to medical aesthetics, the botox course offers training designed to give you the skills and knowledge that it takes to inject neuromodulators confidently. The botox course begins with several engaging online lectures, complete with demonstrations and quizzes to test your knowledge. When it’s time for in-person training, you’ll participate in various hands-on exercises that allow you to apply your new skillset practically. By the end of the course, you’ll have performed many treatments to completion.


They also offer a dermal filler course that includes online didactic lectures and high-quality demonstration videos. Much like the botox course, the online portion of the filler course is followed by hands-on training, where you will spend two days practicing injecting patients. These courses have it all, from immersive online learning that you can do at your own pace to practical in-person training sessions.


But how do you turn your new skillset into a successful career? On top of learning the technical skills to become a trained injector, the botox course gives a lecture called The Business of Neuromodulators. This course is taught by business professionals who can help you integrate your new skills into your practice.

Nationally Recognized Experts

Generic instructors don’t teach the botox course. It’s taught and operated by medical doctors and nurses who know what it takes to educate medical professionals effectively. In fact, it’s the course that they wish had been available when they started their career in medical aesthetics. By the time you finish the course, you’ll be fully prepared, educated and ready to inject neuromodulators.


As nationally recognized experts, their highly skilled physicians and nurse educators teach the intensive courses in major cities across Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax. That’s part of what sets them apart from other courses. Instead of travelling cross-country to take a class, the botox course comes to you, travelling from province to province to help medical professionals like you learn new skills and grow their business.


Incorporating neuromodulator injections into your practice not only gives you the personal satisfaction of providing patients with the treatment they want, but it’s also your tool to greatly increasing your revenue without huge start-up costs.

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