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Have you noticed signs that your spouse might be cheating? Do you want to protect yourself and your company from invasions and thefts due to surveillance wiretaps and bugs? Have you received an anonymous threat and don’t know what to do next? Then get in touch with Investigation Hotline, private investigators who work to get you peace of mind.


Private investigations are a sensitive matter and require private investigators who work with the utmost level of trust, legality, and professionalism. Whether you need a personal, corporate, or forensic investigation, Investigation Hotline will gather relevant, useful, and helpful evidence.


If you’re searching for a private investigator, Investigation Hotline is the agency that will provide you with the answers you deserve.


Providing Relevant, Useful & Helpful Information

When it comes to corporate investigations, the experienced investigators at Investigation Hotline utilize interaction and direct observation techniques to obtain detailed information on problem areas within your company. They have extensive experience in litigation cases, situations of employee theft, fraud, money laundering and stolen property. But their investigative prowess doesn’t stop at the office. Investigation Hotline also specializes in personal investigations, including cases involving cheating partners, missing persons, and anonymous threats. If your case needs a forensic investigation, they offer forensic document examination and stylistic and linguistic analysis services to help you get the results you want. Whether your needs are corporate, domestic or personal, they have the legal and scientific resources and knowledge to provide you with more than just the facts – they provide you with the answers and expert guidance you deserve.

Expertise, Experience & Discretion

Since its founding in 1988, Investigation Hotline has been using the latest and greatest intelligence gathering procedures and techniques to seek out and gather detailed court-worthy case reports for their clients. Over the past 30 years, they have served their clients with the utmost level of trust, legality and professionalism.


Speaking of clients, Investigation Hotline has worked with some of the biggest companies in North America, including the NFL, TD, CIBC, RBC, and All-State. But, you don’t have to be a large corporation to get their full attention. They are just as diligent with personal custody cases as they are with international investigations.


One of the most important elements of conducting private investigations is the need for discretion. Investigation Hotline is proud to consider privacy and confidentiality as an important priority while working on a case. From the first contact with the client to the final report, the individual rights and obligations of both the client and the subject of the investigation are identified and respected.

Private Investigators You Can Trust

Find peace of mind and discover the answers you deserve! Contact Investigation Hotline today by calling (647) 532-7800, emailing [email protected], or going online to to request a consultation.