Points to Watch Out for When Examining a Website Portfolio

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However, there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to remember when examining your website portfolio. After all, you should aim at having a well organized and beautifully designed website portfolio for your business.

Factors that make a website a good personal portfolio website:

Define Your Business with a Logo

Many websites don’t have a specific logo that defines their business name and direction. It is usually the first thing a website user sees when he browses through your page. A logo should be unique, distinctive and linked to your home page. In that way, web readers can easily find your online page without much hassle.

Let Visitors Know About You

Your website is all about you and your business. Don’t be shy to let others know about the person behind the business. You can write something about you, your business, future aim and how the online page can help the readers. Letting people know about your business, products and experience in the markets will form a bond and build trust with you and your readers. The details you give through this page will also attract more potential clients who will be interested to work with you.

Add a Powerful Attention Grabbing Tagline Link

Adding a tagline is essential if you are aiming at better SEO and good online presence. A short, powerful and summarized tagline can help your readers to learn more about you and your business at a glance. Because online viewers spend as less as 30 seconds to browse through a page, your tagline should be eye-catchy and powerful.

Add a Link To Your Work Portfolio

Whether it is your business website or personal one, adding a link to your portfolio is necessary. After all, this is the way you can let your readers know about your professional career and qualification.

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