Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing


It’s the question that all businesses ask themselves at some point: do I invest in traditional marketing or digital marketing?

This blog will give you a straight-up answer – after we give some crucial details first!

What’s Traditional and What’s Digital Marketing in Calgary?

First, a few definitions for both of these strategies:

Traditional marketing is considered the ‘old school’ way. You use the likes of Broadcast (TV and radio), Print (magazines and newspapers), Direct Mail (catalogues, postcards, and so forth), Telephone (telemarketing and SMS marketing) and Outdoor (billboards, flyers, etc.) to promote your business.

Digital marketing in Calgary, on the other hand, is all about the internet. You maximize the use of Search Engine Optimization or SEO (organic rankings), PPC Ads (pay-per-click advertising), Website Design and Social Media Marketing to get the word out about your business.

So, what’s better? Let’s take a look at some facts first:

As you can see from the statistics, there’s a greater pull for digital marketing techniques. There’s a key reason for that: traditional marketing offers one too many downsides.


The Downsides of Traditional Marketing 

Little Interaction

  • There is little connection between the business and the consumer when it comes to traditional marketing. There’s a lost touch that can be aided with digital marketing.

No Updates & No Control Over Timing

  • Traditional marketing is dependent on promotional methods that, once executed, cannot be updated. It is stuck in a time and place until the contract runs out. It makes a big difference in your budget and investment in the long run if you get it wrong.

Higher Costs

  • Traditional marketing can prove to be a huge investment that may or may not give a good return. Your ads can only be effective if seen by your target audience. If not, you miss out on them, wasting thousands of dollars.

Limited Customization Options

  • Do you want to target a particular audience but then miss out on them? Too bad you can’t change it with traditional marketing. It’s set in stone. Digital marketing, on the other hand, allows you unlimited customizations, so you target who you want and when.

Why Invest in Digital Marketing in Calgary

#1: Higher Level of Customer Engagement

With the likes of social media marketing, you can directly access your audience. The likes of live video feeds, surveys, or webinars offer a higher engagement and interaction level, establishing a strong connection with your audience.

Your branding in Calgary will also quickly build better and longer-lasting relationships with customers, helping your business grow and get bigger!

#2: Ease of Measuring Results 

With the likes of Google Analytics and Ahrefs, you can get instant results on your ads. You can see what is working well and what’s not and make changes accordingly.

From how many people are visiting your website to what percentage of them are converting on your landing pages, you’ll get insightful data that lets you know if you’re on the right track or not.

#3: Change Your Ads Instantly

If you notice something is not working with your marketing campaign – thanks to instant reporting – you can make immediate changes to the ad. Change your SEO strategy, tweak your Google Ads or adapt your social media marketing – you can do what you feel like to make your advertising work!

#4: Bigger (Targeted) Audience Range

With traditional marketing, you are very limited in who you can target. With digital marketing, the world is your oyster. Literally; you can target people in your local area, across the province, the country or even the world. You have no limits to who you can reach.

Better yet, you can target an audience that fits into your target demographics. From age to income, from likes to dislikes, you can zoom your marketing to get the person that will become a customer!

#5: Less Expensive & More Effective

No shocks with this one: digital marketing fetches you a better ROI because it’s cheaper than traditional marketing. Why’s that?

Because you target who you want for less and get a bigger audience than traditional marketing methods. Digital marketing allows you to spend less (from digital marketing services to social media ads) while gaining more bang for your buck. It’s a no-brainer for your finances.


Decision Time: Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing in Calgary

We hope that this has aided you about which option is the better choice for your business. While traditional marketing offers many pros, it doesn’t have the growth rate available with digital marketing in Calgary.

With digital marketing, there is little risk and great reward. That’s not a combo you often see in the business world. So take advantage of it when you can!

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