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Looking for Venture Capital?
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GrowME Marketing is disrupting the typical agency model — we provide our success-proven marketing services for the exchange of revenue-sharing or equity. We invest in scalable companies, technological enterprises, and start-ups, committing to your goals and aligning our interests 100%. In this arrangement, we don’t win unless you do!


Traditional Venture Capital vs the GrowME Model

Venture Capital / Angel Investors

  • Complex terms and restrictive agreements
  • Loss of ownership / large equity stake with no support
  • Investor mentality

GrowME Marketing Partnership

  • Simple terms, minimal or no costs revenue-sharing & equity options
  • Ongoing support from sales and marketing experts
  • Partnership mentality

Shared Success

Since our founding in 2013, we have accelerated the online growth of hundreds of companies in all industries, including e-commerce, technology, health & wellness, professional services, and oil and gas. Driving millions of dollars in revenue to our clients and partners, we’ve made success our strong suit, and we’re willing to share our secrets with you.

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Our Team is
Your Team

GrowME is home to a team of over 20 digital marketing experts, including designers, social media experts, Adwords specialists, copywriters, developers, and strategists. Utilizing our proprietary, tried and tested approach to accelerating online customer acquisition allows you to focus on what matters most — managing your business.

What it Takes

To Become a Marketing Partner

As start-up investors, we have an eye for top talent, and we love working with ambitious teams who are passionate about their product and the problem they are working to solve. The ideal marketing partner has early market traction and is looking to take their company to the next level.

Why GrowME?

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We are constantly reviewing, testing, and implementing the latest and greatest strategies and processes in our industry. Digital marketing is always changing, and we ensure we’re consistently ahead of the curve.
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Our team is your team, and your success is our success. Our growth investors are always looking for new ways to improve our partners’ brand and increase their sales. Like a well-oiled machine, when we see opportunities, we act fast.
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Our team boasts over 50 years of combined experience in business, strategy, marketing, branding and advertising. Plus, our creative team includes some of the top talent in the industry. You’re in good hands with GrowME.
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As start-up investors, we’ve taken on some massive projects, and we’re always looking for new ways to expand. With over 20 full-time employees, we can easily accommodate all of your marketing needs, regardless of your stage in growth.
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Our results speak for themselves. We’ve helped our clients to scale business growth and create millions of dollars in online revenue. Our proven marketing strategies have contributed to the acquisition of tens of thousands of new customers for our partners.

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Still Have Questions?

We've Got Answers

In some cases, when it makes sense strategically, we are open to working with a partner in exchange for equity. For the most part, our partnerships are based on a revenue-share model. The best option for your company is the best option for us. 

Each situation is different. The terms may vary depending on your stage of growth, product price-point, and target market. Our goal is to ensure that each partnership is fair and mutually beneficial.

Yes. Our headquarters are in Calgary; however, we work with companies across North America.

Let GrowME
Transform Your

Business Development &
Growth Strategy

We were once just like you; up and coming and full of promise. Now, we’re an industry leader; and with us, you can be too. Our growth investors will develop a research-backed and forward-thinking strategy that will lay a strong foundation and the firm pathways for successful scalability.

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Implementation of Branding & Marketing Strategy

You’ll get more than venture capital in Calgary; you’ll dominate your market with the full service. We’ll create an intoxicating branding strategy alongside a complete marketing plan, which includes website design & development, SEO, Google Ads, social media marketing, and more. We’ll elevate your brand to the highest levels of visibility and authority.

Customer Acquisition &
Lead Generation

With influential research, planning, strategic market analysis, and brand positioning, we’ll find what makes your audience tick, what they like and what turns them into paying customers. We’ll get your business in front of their eyes and queue up the leads.
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Marketing & Website Management

Our team will work together to position your brand and convey your message through every facet of marketing: blogs, social media and advertising. Designing and managing your website, we’ll optimize it for success and enhance its user experience through custom development, while executing your digital marketing strategy.