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Tarek Mohajer

Owner & CEO of GrowME Marketing


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I take pride in helping people overcome challenges and grow their business.

Tarek Mohajer

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Not Your Typical Marketing Speaker

Everyday He's Hustling

He embodies success. He exudes determination. And he’s constantly on the grow, striving to exhibit all of the driving principles behind entrepreneurship and business leadership. His story is unique and inspiring. As a keynote marketing speaker, Tarek Mohajer uses his life story to entertain, motivate, and educate audiences about what it takes to succeed in business and in life.

To Success & Beyond


My Story of Overcoming

I became interested in marketing after I graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. I was overwhelmed by massive student loan debt and the harsh reality of post-grad unemployment. During an economic recession, jobs in my field were practically non-existent, and I could see businesses struggling to make ends meet. I recognized the opportunity to help these businesses grow, despite the economy, through digital marketing. I began my own agency in 2013 with nothing more than an idea and a dream.

My company was born from a true passion for helping others, and it continues to expand, based on the values of hard work, integrity, and a positive outlook. I now live a lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of. I’m leading a team of over 20 of the best creators in the industry. I’ve travelled the world. I’ve helped the causes I’m passionate about. I’m able to help my family. And I never stop chasing my dreams.

Living the
Life I Love


Grounded in Gratitude

I believe that gratitude is cyclical. I do my best to express gratitude by giving back because I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of a lot of wonderful people. I view it as my responsibility now to pay it forward to those on the same journey. As a marketing speaker, I want to perpetuate the message of gratitude and the importance of giving back.

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“Set goals that are practical. Work on the minimum viable product — it doesn’t have to be perfect for you to move forward.”

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“I am driven by the challenge of hearing someone’s situation and finding the best way to solve their problem.” 

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“I looked my fear in the face and said, ‘Success is my only option.’ So I took a leap of faith and never looked back.”

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& Success

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“Fear is nothing more than a bad use of your imagination. Ask yourself how you want to live, and then believe in your ability to get there.”

Powered By Vision

Tarek’s Influence Has Been
Felt Across The Country

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A very engaging and compelling speaker. The students loved it!

Jim Dewald, PhD
Dean | Haskayne School of Business

A Forbes Contributor


Landing Page Tips And Tricks

It takes a careful blend of strategic structuring, intentional design and careful content writing to produce a finished product that exhibits results.


SEO: Back To Basics

The ins and outs of SEO are often complicated, but the basics are simple.


6 Steps To Developing A Killer Marketing Strategy

The power of a marketing strategy cannot be understated.

Stand on the Shoulders
of a Marketing Giant

Tarek Believes in

pushing it to the limit

Pushin’ It To The Limit

With boldness in his veins, Tarek never shrinks from the opportunity to go above and beyond.

Keepin’ It Real

Authenticity is at the core of Tarek’s personality. For better or for worse, integrity always comes first.

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Good Vibes Only

Tarek’s can-do attitude is infectious. His zest for life keeps him going strong in the face of adversity.

Get The Most Out Of Your Next Event

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Utilizing humour and personal experiences to underscore his speaking points, Tarek is a relatable and enjoyable marketing speaker in Calgary for schools, corporations, and fundraisers.


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Building a multi-million dollar empire from the ground up qualifies him to speak boldly on the topics of entrepreneurship and business. Tarek’s words can help others on the same journey.


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Tarek motivates and inspires others through his message of failing forward. Sharing his journey of overcoming and declaring a message of hope is at the heart of each presentation.


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In Business. In Marketing. In Life.

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