Marketing Promotions For Small Businesses


Digital marketing promotions are necessary if you want your small business to become a success. From attracting new customers to building your brand, maximizing the right digital marketing promotions can really take your business growth to new heights.

Which digital marketing promotion, though, will work for your small business? To narrow down an extensive field, you can utilize the following five digital promotions – just like the best marketing agencies in Calgary do. 

Five Of The Best Digital Marketing Promotions

1 – Offer Incentives With Targeted Landing Pages 

With the likes of Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising, you can target specific audiences – through the right keywords – with exciting incentives. Your motivation can be anything – exclusive deals, bargains, notices – anything that will draw in new customers. To make the best of it, make sure that the advertisement takes the user to a targeted landing page made for that specific incentive, not just your homepage. Why’s that important? 

Firstly, the page will be designed explicitly for that incentive only, so you’ll automatically gain the trust of your customer, as you’re not misleading them. Secondly, it saves the customer time having to jump through your website to find the deal, which can frustrate them and ruin their user experience. Finally, the landing page will have a higher click-through rate, which means more leads and better ROI. Make one incentive per page, as putting multiple offers on your landing page can decrease conversions by up to 266%.

Make sure your landing page includes a strong headline, dynamic and engaging copy, clean design and easy call-to-action buttons, so your customers are hooked in by the advert.

2 – Get Involved In Local Events & Promote It 

People love local businesses and will support them at every opportunity. So there is no excuse for not being part of local events. Whether it’s an exhibition, a seminar or a local market, getting involved will boost your profile amongst the local community. 

How do you maximize that through digital marketing? You promote it through social media marketing. You can create invites, make advertising for it, offer prizes, and attract locals to visit your store by driving interest in the event. The more you develop your local interest, the better for your best to reach those next-door neighbours.

3 – Create Live Videos & Branded Content 

Video has been a driving force in digital marketing since the beginning. It’s more engaging that the written word and helps make your website more interactive. In their 2020 report, Wyzowl found 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, with 89% saying that video gave them a good ROI. 

There are two ways to maximize your video creation – through live feeds and branded content. 

Live feed is exactly as it sounds: live interaction with your business. Through Facebook, Google, or Twitter, you can stream directly from your location to your customers. You can let your audience be part of the conversation, encouraging them to ask questions and gather an insight into how you run your operations. 

With branded content, you can take advantage of all the fantastic features of videos, such as flashing editing, special effects and interactive links. Branded content is highly engaging and will add a level of professionalism and sophistication to your business.

Most importantly, videos will engage your customers and develop stronger relationships with them.

4 – Get Educational With Your Content 

Who doesn’t love to learn about something they love? As a business owner, you probably have a wealth of knowledge about your industry – just like we do in regards to digital marketing in Calgary. So why not share it with your customers? The more they know about it, the more engaged they will be with your business and industry. 

Provide them with insightful, educational topics that will pique their interest. Whether you showcase it through blog posts, downloadable ebooks, podcasts or videos, if your content is interesting and engaging, they’ll come back for more, increasing your traffic and boosting your SEO. It will also help you become an established source of valuable and helpful information. That can only mean enhanced brand awareness and better relationships with your customers. 

Maximize your social media marketing by posting it on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. So make sure you post it on your Google My Business profile, too – Google loves that!


5 – Maximize Your Good Reputation With Referrals 

Did you know that customers acquired through referrals have a 37% higher retention rate? Did you also know that 81% of consumers are more likely to engage with brands that offer reward programs

So what do you do? You promote referrals. 

Running referral advertisements will help spread the word about your business and open up your customer network. You’ll get current customers engaged with your business through reward programs (as they’ll come back for more) and then experience a burst of new customers, who have been referred from happy clients. 

It’s what the best marketing agencies in Calgary do to promote their business. So why wouldn’t you do it for yours?

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