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Did you know that only 25% of small businesses invest in online marketing? That means that 75% are not interested in promoting their establishment online to millions of prospective customers. Why would small businesses avoid such advantages?

The primary reason is the lack of capital to invest in marketing and the lack of information about digital marketing costs.

Small business owners – and even medium and large businesses – are concerned about how much it can cost them to promote their business online. When indicates that 47% of small businesses spend less than $10,000 on digital marketing, those numbers can sound daunting. But that doesn’t mean that’s the final figure.

Costs can vary depending on what you want and what you need. But to understand how much digital marketing in Calgary is going to cost you, you need to know what you can get for it and what affects its price.

What’s Included in Digital Marketing in Calgary? 

Firstly, it is essential to consider what is part of digital marketing and to know that, you must understand what digital marketing is. In basic terms, it is online marketing and advertising that can help grow your business, generate increased revenue, sales and profits, and build brand awareness. As such, digital marketing services usually include:

All of these, or some of these services, make up your digital marketing strategy and campaign. However, you might not require all of them. As you will read below, a variety of factors influence the prices for digital marketing services.


What Factors Affect Calgary Digital Marketing Services? 

Your Objectives Vs Current Status 

Every business has objectives they would like to achieve. Depending on your company’s status and what you want to achieve, it will greatly affect the services and costs.

You might require a large scope compared to others, or you might only need a bit of work to help grow. Comparing your current situation to what you want to achieve will narrow down your quote. Clear goals and a solid foundation can help you acquire the digital marketing in Calgary you need.

Your Company’s Timeline 

When do you want to get results? Next month or in six months? How you plan out your company’s timeline will affect your pricing. Rapid results require higher costs because you have to jump the queue and get in front of the competition. You have to crunch the numbers and see what is available for you when it comes to your budget and timeline. Remember that those who plan digital marketing campaigns are 356% more likely to succeed.

The Complexity of Your Strategy 

If you are looking for a comprehensive strategy that generates immediate high results, its complexity might require extensive work.

Why is this the case?

Because an aggressive and sophisticated strategy requires more work from your digital marketing team, which will cost more in the long-term. In short, you’re paying more because you’re buying more.

It also highlights why you should hire a digital marketing agency that believes in creativity. Organizations, where creativity is a valued highly, are 46% more likely to have exceeded their business goals – which means they can find creative ways to sort out your complex strategy.

The Experience & Successes of the Digital Marketing Agency 

In the digital marketing sphere, experience matters. You don’t want a one-person basement agency doing your work for you. You need an experienced group of specialists that can take your business to the next level. A digital marketing agency’s experience demonstrates their knowledge in the field and their ability to achieve client goals.

Their experience and success in the field will directly impact your digital marketing strategies and ensure you get a high ROI. Yet, it also means it is going to cost more.

However, it doesn’t mean that experienced agencies have exorbitant prices; it just means that you have to pay a little more between the two. But those few hundred dollars can make a difference for your campaign.


What’s the Cost of Digital Marketing in Calgary? 

To consider the cost of digital marketing, you have to understand the factors mentioned above and consider what you can afford. You also have to consider the cost of packages both separately and together.

On average, the cost of social media marketing in Calgary, ranges from $750 to $1,500 per month, depending on the number of posts, the number of ads, engagement, and all the above factors. On the other hand, SEO can cost between $1,000 to $10,000 a month in Calgary, depending on the level of quality provided. As SEO and social media work hand-in-hand, you can most likely get a package for both of them with blogs included.

In most cases, website design is considered a separate entity to marketing, even though they are closely related.

As such, digital marketing in Calgary can cost between $1,500 to as much as $5,000 per month.

If the above prices seem feasible, then it is advisable to hire a professional digital marketing agency to manage your campaign. An expert on your team can transform your next operations into a successful win.

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