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Internet marketing is a diverse field that offers a number of techniques and ways to promote your website. New marketers often feel overwhelmed with all the online marketing terminologies and methods available. One of the oldest and most popular methods to drastically increase your SEO rank is through blogging. Experienced SEO consultants also agree that blogging can significantly increase your website’s SEO rank. Here is an overview.

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Blogs Add New SEO Pages

Those who understand SEO will also know that optimization requires frequent updating. If your website has a blog, you will understand how an updated post will add new SEO pages to your website. Once you have set up your blog correctly, you can add new pages and improve your blog’s online ranking with better search engine optimization. New ranking possibilities depend on the quality of your blog content and the popularity of your blog. Once you have a popular published blog, you can easily drive inbound links to your website without even adding more updated pages or blog posts. Remember, the larger your subscriber list, the better your website ranking will be.

Blogging Increases SEO and Drives Website Traffic

If your blog survives in the competitive web climate, you have a better chance of driving traffic to your website. Traffic to your website can increase by 60 percent when your blog grows and gets a better SEO ranking. Every update sent from your blog to your subscribers also increases your chance of getting more traffic each day. By blogging actively, you can make sure your website stays SEO friendly.

Use a Keyword Strategy When Blogging for SEO

Keywords are a key factor when it comes to blogging. Make sure to have a keyword strategy in place when choosing meta-tags for your blog. This will help to increase website traffic to your blog in the long-run. It is also important to select a structure that is SEO-friendly for better ranking in search engines.

Promotions Can Increase Website Traffic and SEO

Consider using all promotional methods to make your blog visible online. Without inbound links, your blog will not increase in popularity. Social media is a great platform to promote your blog, increase readership, and drive traffic.

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