Beginners Guide To Marketing

No customers. No business. Whether your company is a small, local establishment in Calgary or a growing interprovincial enterprise, without customers, your business will struggle. Having a consistent, steady stream of loyal customers means your company can continue to maintain its slender profit margin and keep your position in the industry. But that is not going to help increase profits and push your business to the next level. Loyal clients might help you stay afloat, but new customers are the ones that can elevate your business. Capturing the interest of your audience and turning them into paying customers is challenging if you don’t use the right tools at your disposal. It is here how internet marketing strategies can help build your brand’s awareness, capture the interest of your desired audience, and transform them into faithful paying customers. By combining and maximizing the potential of these lead-generating internet marketing strategies, you can launch your company into another stratosphere.

Search Engine Optimization – Long-Term Consistent Results  

Search Engine Optimization, better known for its acronym SEO, is one of the most effective tools to utilize for obtaining new customers. The marketing strategy involves optimizing a website with several different techniques, such as keyword insertions, well-written content, active backlinks, and a conversion-leading website structure, to achieve the best possible ranking in organic search results on Google. When a user searches for a query in Google – say, for example, “finance Calgary” – it does an inventory of all of the sites that has the most relevant information to that particular search. The better optimized a website for the keywords “finance Calgary”, the higher it ranks on Google. The higher it ranks, the more users visit the site, trusting Google (and your website) as a reliable source for their search, and significantly, their needs. More users ultimately mean a higher chance of them turning into new customers. That is how SEO works. Results might not be instant with SEO, but the long-term benefits are significant for any business. Considering that the first five organic results account for 67.60% of all the clicks (according to Zero Limit Web), the importance of utilizing SEO is paramount for companies in Calgary. Users will click on the highest-ranking site because they trust Google has found them the business that meets their needs. Optimizing your website can help your business become one of those first clicks.

Google AdWords – Target New Customers 

Notice that top listing on Google that you think is an optimized website? Well, it’s not. It’s a Google Ad, also known as a pay-per-click advertisement. It’s a platform run by Google that allows businesses to advertise their website in organic search results when users search for a specific term or keyword. The business “pays per click” for their advertisement, meaning the more clicks the company gets, the more it has to pay. Those stipulations all depend on the set parameters, such as a daily budget, the maximum amount they want to pay for a user click, and the keywords that bring up the advertisement. Narrowing down that balance – finding the right keyword within a sustainable budget – requires extensive keyword and audience research and testing. Only by conducting the correct analysis can a business make the most out of its Google AdWords campaign in Calgary. While Google AdWords might not be sustainable in the long-term for some smaller businesses in Calgary, it is beneficial for building brand awareness and producing an instant increase in new customers, especially when advertising a new service or deal.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising – Building a Customer Base 

How can Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter help a business draw in customers? Apart from being a platform for expressing your brand voice, if done correctly, you can utilize it as a valuable marketing tool. There are two ways to do it: social media marketing and social media advertising. Social Media Marketing The goal of social media marketing in Calgary is to produce content that targets your desired audience and builds a loyal brand following within a community. If utilized correctly, it can focus on establishing relationships with new prospective customers. Having active social media platforms boosts your visibility among potential customers, letting you reach a wide audience. What makes it more efficient is that you can target a specific demographic within an audience to reach new customers. In fact, according to Ambassador, “71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others”. By spreading the word of your brand online, you are opening up the prospect of new followers joining your community. And those followers will turn to new customers. Social Media Advertising Social media advertising works in much the same way as Google AdWords. One of the significant benefits, though, is that businesses can take advantage of their desired users’ demographic information and target them appropriately. Whether through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter advertising, you can combine targeting options, such as geo-targeting, behavioral targeting, and keywords relevancy, to focus on a specific niche in an audience. Never before has advertising been so specific than with social media advertising. Not only are you connecting with them on a personal level through social media, but you are also providing a direct connection to a product or service they want. With such specific targeting, you can establish a relationship with users who may express a general interest in your product or service, and turn them into paying customers.

Content Marketing – Content is Still King for Customers 

Useful content is at the core of all your online marketing. Without relevant, engaging and thriving content, you will be unable to draw in customers and maintain a strong brand. It’s here that content marketing is necessary for both large and small businesses in Calgary. Content marketing is a strategic approach to creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain an audience. Instead of merely advertising your brand, services or products, you are providing your audience with useful, engaging content that reaches them on a personal level. How can you tell the difference between content marketing content and regular content? Notice the difference below: Content marketing content: “Looking for content marketing that will boost your sales and draw in customers? Download our E-Book today and start thriving!” Regular Content: “Download our Content Marketing E-book”. The first sentence connects with the customer on a personal level – the boost of sales and the possibility of new customers – and engages them on a significant scale. The second is dull and uninspiring. No one is ever going to click on it because they see no benefits from it. That’s the vital difference. More so, content marketing is significant for all online marketing practices, such as social media marketing (engaging content keeps your followers coming back), Google AdWords (an excellent Ad makes a user click on it), web design (the right design turns them into ‘active’ users) and SEO (Google rewards businesses that publish consistent, high-quality content). Without content marketing, your other online marketing campaigns might fail.

Combine & Create an Online Marketing Campaign 

All of these online marketing methods work in tandem. Connecting links from your social media profiles to your website is an effective SEO strategy while maximizing content marketing can help achieve better results on Google AdWords. Each method can work effectively on its own but combine them all, and the benefits are endless. You can establish your business as a leader in the industry, build a strong brand, and, most significantly, bring in new faithful paying customers. Contact GrowME Marketing if you’re in need of advice, digital marketing help, or for your next marketing campaign! For more information, send an email or give us a call! Local: (403) 547-6963 | Toll Free: 1 (855) 547-6963 | [email protected].    

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