How to Turn Conversations Into Sales With Social Media Marketing

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Find Out the Best Way to Connect with Your Prospects

Understand your client base so that you can determine which space is ideal for connecting with them on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great resources. However, blogs, comment sections, and live chats can also be productive for Calgary online marketing. Find out where your customers are talking, then join the conversation.

Create a Persona on Social Media

Join the communities you plan on using for social media marketing and learn the expectations and norms of them. In Calgary online marketing, you want to present yourself as professional and trustworthy, without always pitching your site.

Connect with People Whose Profiles Match Your Clients

Conduct a search on Calgary social media or use an online resource to find keywords related to your industry. Then, start contributing to the conversation by commenting, retweeting, or sharing within the community, so following feels natural.

Develop Relationships and Engage in Conversations

Calgary marketing is all about listening to your consumer. People share information on social media, so learning how to listen enables you to engage in conversations and connect with people. Spend time building relationships instead of simply trying to generate leads because relationships become leads.

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