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5 Local SEO Strategies to Grow Your Business in Calgary

Build Local Citations

Adding your business to local directories can benefit you immensely but at the same time can be time-consuming. This process is fairly straightforward and easy to accomplish. If you wish for your website design to boost local search rankings, then this is a great local SEO strategy you can use for your business. To give you an idea here are the top things people want to see when doing a local search for a company; address, phone number, proximity to a location, hours of operation, company name, website, prices, general products/services and ratings/reviews. When putting your company in local directories, it’s very important to include all of this information.

NAP Audit

NAP stands for Business Name, Address, and Phone Number. Having this information consistently listed in important citation directories such as Yelp will help boost your local rank. If you have an inconsistent or incorrect NAP it could hurt your local rankings. Have all of your business information consistent to increase your local SEO rankings for your website.

Create a Google+ Local Page

This one is definitely an obvious one that any local marketing firm will tell you. You must create a Google “My Business” for each and every location of your business. This is completely free to do for anyone out there and will appear right next to other relevant search results. Google favours businesses with a “My Business” account over ones that don’t have one. This is definitely one of the most important things to do in order to help your Calgary SEO.

Local Pages – Local Keywords

Another important local SEO strategy to help with your business marketing is to create local landing pages that target local keyword searches. You also must do this in a way that seems natural to the user.


Another great local SEO strategy for your business is to gain online reviews. Search engines favour companies that have more reviews only because consumers love reading reviews. In fact close to 90% of consumers have read a review to determine the quality of a local business. It’s time to get those organic reviews going!

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