Hiring An SEO Company

If you are considering hiring an SEO company in Calgary, you would have realized there are plenty of options available. A quick Google search and you will find numerous agencies competing for your business. Narrowing down a list can be daunting, especially if you look for the common factors: experience, price, knowledge and customer service. 

While all these factors are essential, with SEO agencies, it is important to go to a deeper level. Research is required and speaking directly with the company is pivotal. You need as much information as possible, and you need to look past the gimmicks of “instant success”. When it comes to hiring a Calgary SEO, here is what you should consider.

Getting SEO In Calgary: 5 Things To Consider

Successful Stories & Case Studies 

Every SEO agency claims to be the most proficient. Each company claims that they’re the best in the business. But determining that is more than just believing slogans. It requires in-depth research. Successful companies build their reputation on successful stories, which is what you should be looking for in an SEO agency. 

Check out their case studies, and read what they did for those clients. Follow it up by asking specific questions about them to provide you with more information. The more you understand how they operate and how they can deliver success for your business, the more you can trust them. 

They Don’t Promise You Instant Success

SEO doesn’t work with the click of a button. You can’t instantly be shot to the top of Google with a few website edits and some blog posts. SEO takes time to work, and results will not appear instantly. Companies that promise you exceptional results in “less than 30 days” or an instant return on investment are not being truthful. 

High rankings and a return on investment require time and patience. Speak to the SEO agency and see what messages they send you. Anything about “instant results” means they’re overselling you, and either they can’t do it, or are using black-hat tactics, which will negatively impact your website later on. 

A company that tells you that positive results will be realized after six months, and time will be required, is being honest. They’re the company you should be hiring. 


They Don’t Place All Your Investment in a Single Basket

A top-tier Calgary SEO agency doesn’t suggest that you throw all your eggs into one basket. They will recommend you to establish various streams of traffic and spread your focus across multiple channels. 

While it might seem like they’re selling another service, that is not the case. They understand that multiple streams effectively develop an SEO campaign will work in the long run. Social media, content management, blog posting, website design and Google Adwords are all methods to create a successful campaign. You want an agency that will spread your investment evenly across these services, so you get the best results. 

Pay For Quality Now Rather Than Later

If you are opting for a cheap SEO service, it’s better you stop searching for it now, before regretting it later. If you find that companies are offering you cheap SEO packages, the likelihood is that you’re going to get substandard services. 

SEO costs money. 

Take into the equation the amount of time and work needed for the creation of content, the building of links, dealing with Google, paying for advertising, and managing social media, and you can see that it costs a fair bit. An SEO agency that offers a cheap deal for all this means they’re not going to deliver the best service possible; they’re going to deliver any service – one that is more likely to damage your website. 

SEO companies that charge high rates for comprehensive packages mean they’re going to deliver what is expected of them. They have a reputation to uphold and have the team to deliver the results you need. 


Focus on Return on Investments instead of Keywords Rankings

Sure, ranking first on Google is just fine, but what is the point if you’re not converting traffic into leads, and leads into sales? While many SEO agencies will preach about ranking you higher in Google, it’s about your leads that matter. 

Listen to SEO companies that talk more about how ranking and improving your website’s status will help you get a return on your investment. It means that they care about the success of your business and understand that ROI is more important than merely “ranking” high.

It’s a win-win situation for you both: you need income to keep your business afloat, and they want you to make money to keep them running. Sign up with an SEO agency that cares about investments, not rankings. 

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