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SEO is vital for businesses. Whether you run a local coffee shop or a highly prestigious law firm in Calgary, you require SEO to achieve higher rankings on Google, an increase of website traffic, a stronger, more recognized brand and leads that generate profit. 

Naturally, though, to maximize SEO, you have to invest in it. And while doing it yourself is feasible, it’s beneficial to hire the best Calgary SEO company to manage your campaign. 

But you may be left asking – how much are you expected to pay for SEO? And what you should get for it?

Before we get to that, there are a few caveats that you must know first.

Settling Expectations & Reality For Calgary SEO 

Firstly, it is crucial to understand the expectations versus the reality of SEO. Those expecting instant results of high rankings, better quality leads and an influx of new followers within a manner of weeks should check themselves. 

The reality is, SEO takes time. 

It does not happen overnight, and instant results are usually a sight that something wrong is afoot (more on that below). 

What does this mean for pricing? It means that if you genuinely want long-term results that generate high-quality traffic, leads and a strong online presence, you will have to pay for it over a period of time. 


Avoiding Cheap Calgary SEO is Imperative 

SEO experts that guarantee “instant results” or “huge payouts” for affordable prices are not truly SEO experts. All professionals know that it takes several months for actual results to appear and a lot of dedicated, targeted work. So when it comes to being offered SEO at a bargain rate, your response should be “no”. 

The collateral damage from “cheap SEO” is much more severe than people realize. In most cases, to achieve these instant results, black-hat tactics are used. Overstuffing keywords, dodgy links to private blog networks (PBNs), and fake accounts can help give your SEO an immediate boost, but it won’t be sustainable in the long term. Eventually, two things will happen: 

  • Your rankings will plummet and return to their normal status. You’ve wasted money for a short-term boost, and you have to start again from scratch, and it will require more work to make up for the damage. 
  • Google discovers that you’ve violated its Webmaster Guidelines. You’ll get a penalty or they might potentially wipe out your website’s visibility on the web.

In the end, the business owners will get punished, not the SEO “experts”.

What Impacts The Cost of SEO in Calgary? 

Several key factors can impact the cost of SEO in Calgary. Having a thorough understanding of these factors can help prepare you for how much you might spend. 

Your Goals Versus Your Current Status 

Do you want more leads, better rankings, or both? What about an optimized website that draws new traffic? How about social media campaigns? The biggest and most significant impact on your SEO budget is your goals – and how it aligns with your current status. 

If your rankings are near the bottom of Google, you might require extensive work on your website and a whole new campaign to re-launch your business. On the other hand, you could be ranking on the first page, but don’t have the quality leads coming in. You’ll require a more focused, but less expensive approach, as your goals are smaller. 

You have to compare your current status to what you want to achieve. As you would expect, each of your marketing goals has a price tag. The more you have, the more it will cost you. Your investment will vary greatly depending on what you want to achieve – and ultimately, how quickly you want to achieve them. 

Just remember that wherever you start from has a direct impact on how much SEO costs because maintaining your current status is cheaper than achieving your new ones. 

Your Industry & Its Competitive Landscape 

Depending on your industry and its competitive landscape, you might have to invest more or less to achieve your goals. Highly competitive industries, such as lawyers, renovations, plumbing and electricians, are in a constant battle to stay competitive and ahead of their rivals. Therefore, they need substantial SEO to achieve it. 

You have to be aware that rankings in your industry might take time (several months) and a lot of additional work, including website design, social media marketing and so forth.

By understanding your industry, you can understand your SEO costs. 

The Ongoing Work 

Even if you do achieve your goals, SEO is always changing. Google, between 2018 and 2019, made 3,200 changes to its search algorithm.

What does that mean for you? You’re going to have to pay for longer. 

SEO requires ongoing work. What works today might not work in a few months. The SEO agency has to be ready to adapt to the situation, and therefore, your strategy might change. That change might affect your SEO costs. 

Your Geography

Close to 72% of users who did a Google search visited a store within 8km of where they were searching. Local SEO, therefore, is vital to drive traffic to your business. It’s why you have to invest in optimizing your Google My Business and Maps to help achieve results. 

Depending on where you live, the surrounding competition, and your targeted areas, you might have to invest more than expected to stay ahead of the competition. You might even have to consider your choice of language, especially in Canada.

With more than 20% of all citizens using both English and French simultaneously, it highlights why none of these languages should be underestimated when it comes to optimizing your Local SEO.  


Opting For Retainers For Your Calgary SEO 

As pointed out above, SEO works best in the long run and requires constant work. Therefore, it’s best if you focus on establishing a long-term relationship. 

Close to 74.71% of SEO agencies charge clients a monthly retainer fee due to the ongoing work, as it guarantees long-term success, as opposed to one-off “project-based” SEO. There are though benefits for retainers: 

Stronger Relationships That Deliver Results
Relationships define business success. Working together in an ongoing capacity with an SEO company will lead to greater communication, a stronger partnership, and better results.

Long-Term Commitment
Monthly retainers will usually expect at least a 4 to 6-month commitment. That means you’ll have an SEO agency working on your campaign from end to end.  

Completely Outsourcing
You’ll save money on departmental costs, reducing time and optimizing your business’ performance. You’ll also be able to call upon the team at any given moment. 

You’ll Get The Results You Want
Patience will help you achieve the results you want. Stick it out with your SEO agency and the results will come.

What’s The Average SEO Cost in Calgary? 

What you spend with SEO is what you get. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect when investing in SEO in Calgary

Under $500/mo:
This is the cheap SEO mentioned above, and you should take note. Be wary of what is on offer and what you can expect. It won’t be much. 

You’ll get a basic package, consisting of SEO strategies, social media profile creation and management, website optimization, blogs, and link building. It can be useful for specific industries.

You can expect good quality work for your SEO from this price range. Expect high-quality content creation for your website and blogs, a valuable link-building campaign, social media marketing, and a strong focus on optimizing conversions. Expect decent results.  

This is where the heavy hitters come out to play. You’ll get some of the best SEO companies in Calgary with a proven track record of success in competitive markets. In most cases, the company will have a dedicated SEO team, including an SEO manager, advertising specialists, content creators, web development experts, account executives, and analytics experts. 

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