What Makes A Good Logo?


Logos – they define your business. 

Without them, no customer would be able to tell who you were buying from and who stood by their products and service. Logos are essential, definitive and necessary to generate your business.

So the question is – what makes an excellent logo? 

What is the Function of a Logo in Calgary?

To truly define a logo, one must first consider its purpose. What does a logo do? It differentiates your business from others and conditions customers to pick your product or service over theirs. 

Businesses, from local PB&J stores to large corporations like Nike, need a way to stand out from their competition. The unique stylization of their packaging, advertisements, and messages will engage their customers. But it’s their logo that becomes the marking point that associates their brand with their values. 

The logo communicates the ownership of that particular good or service and the guarantee that the business delivers on its values. Customers are, therefore, “conditioned” to choose one brand over another due to the association of the logo. Such is the power of logos, that 77% of marketing leaders say a strong brand is critical to their growth plans, as it’s pivotal to everything they do.


The Five Principles of Effective Logo Design in Calgary 

There are millions of logos out there. How do you tell the good from the bad? These five principles will define the differences: 

1 – Simple Yet Distinctive 
Nike, Apple, McDonalds – what makes them so easy to remember? Their logos are distinctive without being over the top. Nike is a swoosh, McDonald’s has arches, and Apple is the half-eaten apple. Without even knowing the names, you can look at the logo and remember who it is. That’s a quality logo. 

2 – Structurally Sound
Structural soundness is another quality of a logo that nobody talks about. If a logo looks out of place or off-balance, it looks messy and unprofessional. But if the logo is structurally sound – think once again of Nike, Apple, McDonalds, customers are drawn to it.  

3 – Practical & Adaptable
Having a logo that is stretched or not scalable isn’t going to work with promotions, traditional or digital. Will it look good on social media? Can you use it for your SEO? Too often, businesses create logos that work for them, but not in practical promotional terms.

4 – Memorable & Timeless
Having a logo that stands the test of time is important. The more memorable the logo, the easier it is to build brand recognition and maintain interest. Want a good example? Belgian brewer Stella Artois’s logo was made in 1366 – and is still used today!  

5 – Conveys The Key Message
What does FedEx’s logo mean? For those who are unaware, the space between the “E” and the “X,” forms an arrow, which “connotes forward direction, speed and precision” – exactly what you expect in their services. The English Premier League logo of the lion’s head? It’s the “king of the jungle” and it’s regal – and that means it’s the best. Your logo design in Calgary has to suit the same suit by conveying a message about your business.


Six Steps to Design a Logo in Calgary 

Did you know that consumers need around 5-7 impressions before they recognize a business logo? That requires dedication, time and precision when it comes to designing your logo. These six simple steps can help you narrow down your logo design.

1 – What Makes Your Business Stand Out?
You can’t really define your logo without defining your business in the first place. So what makes you stand out? Take a hard look at your business and what you want your logo to convey while highlighting your key differences. 

2 – Research Your Industry
Conduct research on the industry itself, its history, competitors and current styles and trends. Know what’s been done before, what hasn’t, what works, and what will break you through.

3 – Sketching & Conceptualizing
Now it’s time for the creative stuff. Develop the logo design concept(s) around your business ideals and your research. Get creative and be inspired to test and trial numerous different logos before settling on a few that you like. 

4 – Reflection & Revisions
Reflection is pivotal to narrowing down your log. So too are revisions. Take a break from your logo designs, and look back on them after some time. Do they encompass what you want your message to be? Does it reflect your business? Make changes to your logos to narrow down your designs. 

5 – Does It Match The Five Principles?
Is your logo, simple yet distinctive, structurally sound, memorable, and practical and does it convey your message? If not, do it again. 

6 – Review It & Test It
Conduct one final review and test it out. See how people react to it and build it from there. Analyze the reactions and see what tweaks can be done. If the design is settled, then it’s time to incorporate it into your marketing. 

Getting Professional Logo Design in Calgary

For some businesses, it can be challenging to create a logo. If that’s the case, then there is no shame in asking a professional for help. Having a digital marketing agency in Calgary develop your logo can guarantee that you get what you want. They’ll handle the work for you and ensure that your logo pushes your business to the next level. 

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