Impact of Logos on Consumers


A study titled, Promotique by Vistaprint indicated that “30% of respondents said the very first thing they recognized about a product was its logo”. 78% of those respondents said logos should be considered “works of art”. 

This stat highlights the importance of creating a logo design that best represents your business and mission. 

It also opens up another critical point that should not be missed: consumers will choose your brand over another if you nail down the key elements. Your choices will have a profound impact on your consumers. 

Let’s dive into four important factors of logo design: description, font, shape and colour.

Key Elements That Impact Your Logo Design in Calgary 

Descriptive v Non-Descriptive Logos 

A descriptive logo is when one includes both textual and visual elements that communicate the type of product or service, the brand is marketing. 

A classic example is the logo of Burger King, which mentions the word ‘burger’ between two hamburger buns, clearly illustrating its product. 

On the side of the coin are non-descriptive logos, and we’ll look at another burger chain (and rival) in McDonald’s. Their arched-shaped M doesn’t indicate what they are selling but is powerful enough to be recognized globally. 

Which one works better is up for debate, as companies sometimes switch between the two as they alter their logos. But statistics prove another point. 

A study by the Harvard Business Review indicated that “descriptive logos more favourably impact consumers’ brand perceptions than non-descriptive ones, and are more likely to improve brand performance.” 

As the reasons why, the study stated that these designs “make brands appear more authentic in consumers’ eyes”, “more strongly increase consumers’ willingness to buy from brands” and did well to “boost brands’ net sales more”. 

So when it comes to it, try to opt for descriptive logo designs. 


The Power of Fonts on Emotions 

Fonts can have a surprisingly powerful impact on consumers. The letters’ shape is directly tied to the emotion the consumer might experience.

Let’s look at this study by the Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL) at Wichita State University. 

It claims that “traditional fonts including Arial or Times New Roman were categorized as “stable” and “mature,” but were also considered “unimaginative” and “conformist”. 

Comic Sans, on the other hand, was considered “youthful”, “casual” and “happy”. 

What does this tell us? 

That fonts have a greater impact on your consumers than you’ll expect. How you plan to elicit emotion from your audience and turn them into consumers depends on your choice of font. Consider what message you want to convey when it comes to your font choices. 

Shapes Offer A Window Into Your Brand 

Shapes can have a significant impact on how your audience perceives your logo. 

A study by the Journal of Consumer Research indicated that “a circular logo led to perceptions of comfortableness, whereas the angular logo led to perceptions of durability”. 

It also stated that “the notion of softness may give the reader the image of the company as being more sensitive to its customers,” as opposed to rougher logos. 

In essence, this study tells us that consumers connect emotionally with logos based on their shape and design. When it comes to your design, you have to consider the shape of the logo and the emotion it conveys to appeal to your audience. 


The Magic of Colours Still Resonates 

The Promotique by Vistaprint also indicated that colour had a significant impact on consumers. Without any surprises, red was considered the most striking colour (22%), followed by blue (14%), green (10%), yellow (9%) and purple (5%).

Each of these colours elicits an emotional response, and choosing the right colour will have that impact. 

Consider that red conveys feelings of excitement, power and warning, and you’ll know why healthcare organizations use it, as do Calgary digital marketing agencies (like GrowME). Black offers similar feelings of strength, power, professionalism and precision and is suited to businesses where credibility is essential, like legal services. 

On the other hand, blue and green are known for tranquillity, peace and calm, and it’s why treatment spas and centres always use it as part of their branding. 

Understanding the emotion that colour elicits is essential when creating your logo design in Calgary. 

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