What is Whitespace and How Does It Affect Your Web Design?

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How Does Whitespace Benefit a Website?

Using whitespace effectively provides a page that is stylish and simple. While it captures the attention of visitors, it does not inundate them with too many images, colors, and text that it is difficult to navigate. Keep in mind that many people are using their mobile phones to visit websites so it is also important to plan your website design to be mobile-friendly. A cluttered site will turn away visitors and can negatively affect your marketing strategy. They may opt to leave your company page and go to one that is easier to view and navigate.

A Good Web Design Draws Visitors

The whole purpose of a website is to draw traffic. Whether the visitors are making a purchase or providing entertainment or information, the site should be as simple as possible. When planning your website design, be sure to make the site as user friendly as possible. People will stay on a site longer if they are comfortable. When whitespace is used correctly it allows the information on the website to be read more easily. A good website pulls in traffic but retention and return is also important.

Increase Revenue with a Good Website Design

An experienced marketing company can help to design a website that uses whitespace effectively. It is important to keep visitors interested and let them navigate the site easily. This increases your online presence and revenue. Too much clutter distracts from the intention of the website. This can have the opposite effect of what is intended.

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