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How GrowMe Marketing Took Them Further To The Top

Despite establishing themselves as a leader in the industry, Calgary PPF struggled to generate online leads; relying on old-school methods. At the same time, they wanted to improve the user interface on their website, believing it was not engaging enough. This is where GrowMe came in. By conducting a thorough examination of their website, we were able to see what needed to be changed to make their interface appealing and to bring in leads.

We concluded that Calgary PPF needed to implement a expansive SEO campaign, coupled with a newly re-designed website to achieve their goals. So the process started by creating a new website. The new version was a flowing, easy to engage site that provided targeted ‘Call-To-Action’ points, showcased all their packages, and had a simple on-site booking capability. We now had the base to turn users into conversions.

But we needed to increase their traffic. Calgary PPF’s SEO campaign was non-existent, generating zero visibility. We conducted an extensive keyword research process before fully integrating the selected words throughout critical pages on the new website. Not only did it increase their Google rankings, pushing them to first, but it brought in more traffic than anticipated. Ranking first, coupled with a solid SEO campaign brought in a high amount of traffic. And combined with a newly designed website, it meant more leads flowing into the pockets of Calgary PPF.

Now Calgary PPF is ranked first in Google, generate a high-amount of leads and is an established brand for high-end vehicles. And they did it by working side-by-side with GrowMe Marketing.


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