Online marketing strategies in Calgary, AB

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Let’s talk about what to focus on when setting up an online marketing strategy for Calgary small businesses.

Brand Building

Brand building is where your potential customer researches your company’s products and services and where you build trust in your company. Customers generally research your company through online reviews, interactions with customers, your company mission, and your general look.

Do you look professional? Are you helpful to your consumers when they ask questions about your product? Figure out what you want to portray your company as and, maybe, sit down with an online marketing strategist in Calgary to help you with this. After all, they are the professionals.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is how your potential consumers find you; through search engines. Also, search engine marketing is where you compete with larger companies by ranking better. Very few people scroll past the third result found in search engines – why? Because in this generation we want things as fast as possible. We just don’t have the time for scrolling from page to page to find what we need. Even though there may be a better company on the third page we will never reach them. Therefore, that company loses out on some serious business. It is best to hire an SEO company for this sort of thing, as they do the research for you and regular analysis on your standings with chosen keywords.
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Social Media Marketing

This type of online marketing tool can be somewhat tricky but extremely beneficial with the right use! Who isn’t on social media these days? Have goals set for what you want to accomplish and look at hiring a social media manager if it is in your budget. If you are a small business in Calgary, this cost should not be very high and by giving them your goals you are bound to see the results unfold.

Email Marketing

An advertisement is essentially seen by someone 7 times before they make a purchase, which is where Email Marketing shines. Generally, this is a list of prospective customers, or leads from your website, who are seeking weekly newsletters, coupons, service updates, etc. Either way, Email Marketing is a quality online marketing strategy that is beneficial for any small business – online or offline. There are programs that you can buy to help you ensure this service is sent regularly to these consumers.

This is a general outlook on what you should focus on when it comes to Calgary online marketing strategies. There is much, much more that goes on behind the scenes, but this is an easy way to sell as people are more likely to find you online. How did you find your last restaurant to eat at? Google, right? My suggestion is to look at hiring a full marketing team that is armed with the personnel that focuses on each element of an online marketing strategy for small businesses. If you are looking to hire a marketing strategist in Calgary be sure to have a look at their portfolio’s, social media accounts they manage and go for a face to face or Skype interview! Best of luck on your journey – I hope this has helped!

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