Social Media Advertising Strategy Tips for Success

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  • Have a goal in mind.

Before just aimlessly posting find out what it is that you are looking achieve through social media advertising. Increase sales? Develop conversations with customers? Build brand awareness? With the end in mind when starting your social media advertising strategy it will build you a stronger strategy that will support your goals.


  • Hire a dedicated content creator/director.

Content is key when it comes to social media marketing. Hiring a good company will allow you to fully participate and initiate conversations. Having regular informational blogs that come out periodically will keep your consumer’s interest and increase your traffic.


  • Bridge the Implementation Gap.

Having a good social media advertising strategy at first is a good start but make sure that it is actionable and you have a clear path to each of the goals you have set out. Ensure that your social media advertising strategy is flexible, review it frequently and adapt accordingly to improve it.


  • Know your target audience

Social media advertising gives you access to just about every type of person you could think of wanting to reach. Instead of joining the most popular social media platforms, ask yourself where the type of people you want to reach are found. Is it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, do your research to find out.


  • Focus on a single goal at a time.

Social media advertising has a number of avenues that can be taken. Common mistakes that most businesses make is that they try to be everywhere at once. Define your goals, focus on that particular goal first, achieve it then move on to the next. A social media-advertising goal could be as simple as the number of mentions on Twitter or the number of likes on Facebook.


  • Post engaging content without overselling.

It is natural to want to push your products using advertising through social media but make sure your content is interesting vs. blasting advertisements out one after another. You will never increase your consumer engagement by always selling.


  • Plan ahead

Advertising through social media can be a very simple task if you plan it right. Schedule creative content that you want to post about ahead of time that way you can focus on your other tasks. If anything surprising comes up you can deal with it at that time. Use a tool that allows you to schedule posts ahead of time such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social.


Now that you have an idea on successful ways to advertise using social media, get out there and start engaging with your consumers – they want to hear from you!

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