Questions You Need to Ask Before a New Website Design

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Whether you want to edit your existing website or wish to create a new and perfectly designed website, you should ask certain questions to the web designer before the website is redesigned or created. Because the process of having a new website designed is a complicated process, you’ll often want to start afresh and assess the factors in order to add all useful elements to your website. If you are hiring a professional to get your new website designed, then here are some questions that you should ask.

Does my Website Need Redesigning?

Before even starting with the website designing project, you should know if your website really needs some changes. Possibly, this is the most important question of all. While considering a site redesigning, there should be a purpose. If your existing website lacks in providing adequate information or a user-friendly layout, then it should be redesigned. Also, the performance of your website matters. A clutter-free layout and quick setup changes can improve your website’s performance. A web designer can go through your website, find possible problems and advise if it requires redesigning or changes.

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Does the Server Support the New Website design?

While redesigning your website, you need to consider rereading your hosting agreements. If your website undergoes a massive change during the site redesign, you need to ensure that it doesn’t breach the hosting agreements. These agreements may be in place when you start the website. In certain cases, you may need to set up additional plug-ins, seek advice from the hosting server support team and create the perfect hosting environment to match your new website.

How Will the New Website Design Performance Change?

A well-designed website will easily load upon refreshing. However, adding a lot of high resolution images or videos may make your site slow. Plus, it may not load the images upon refreshing. This is when you need some support from the website maintenance team. Keeping this in mind, choose a layout that is clutter-free and a design that will appear eye-catchy and improve your website’s performance.

Also, pay attention to the site information architecture while redesigning the website. If you are including many existing contents and information in the new website, you need to make sure that the performance of the new website is not affected.

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