How to Write an SEO-Friendly Blog Post

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SEO friendly blogs focus themselves around a keyword. You have to make sure the keyword is in several parts of the post. At least, in the headers and, if possible, in the paragraphs. The Google crawlers, while looking for a particular keyword, read through the headers first and then the blog. The posts with higher usage of the keyword get chosen as the top search result. So, make sure your title, as well as the headers, use the keyword.


Must-haves for an SEO friendly blog

For starters, pick a topic and search keywords on search engines for that topic. Make sure your blog title consists of the keyword and is catchy enough for the reader to want to click it. After picking your keyword follow these steps:

  • Headline: Make sure you write a compelling headline. Your headline helps readers make a decision if the article is worth reading or not.
  • Your Opening statement: If you have a good opening sentence then your reader will most likely read the entire article, so try to connect with your readers.
  • Subheadings: Good subheadings are the ones that give readers helpful information and divide your post into relevant sections. A large part of online reading is skimming, so keep the subheadings catchy and short.
  • Content: Make your content more practical and keep any promises you made in your subheadings by answering the compelling questions you asked before.
  • Image: An important factor for your SEO which we usually look over. Search engines also crawl through the images on the blog post, so make sure you have a keyword-related picture complementing your blog as well.


How can you make your blog stand out on search results?

If you follow the above helping steps and optimize your blog, your blog should stand out. Make sure you have a good title, headlines and relatable content for the users. If you are new to blogging, the best way to write a good SEO-friendly blog starts with looking at other blogs. Blogs help businesses websites to show up more in search engines results and, if you want to optimize your business site, maybe hiring a marketing company would be your best option.

Marketing companies specialize in writing SEO friendly blogs and when you are up against other businesses, hiring the specialist marketing company is your best option. Because the more time you lose experimenting on your site, the more clients you lose.


SEO friendly blog help you grow your business presence on search engines


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