How To Hire The Right Business Coach


For new and start-up companies, sometimes a little bit of experience can go a long way. But when you’re trying to make it big on your own, you don’t want to share your wealth and equity with another person (unless it’s a partnership!). You want to make it big, but you want a little guidance on the side.

This is where a business coach (also known as a marketing consultant, growth consultant or success coach) can make the difference. Having someone with experience, skills and the foresight to aid with entrepreneurship decisions can result in bigger growth, more opportunities and better results for your new business.

Finding a reliable business coach is the hard part, though. Luckily, we got the guide to help you on your journey.

Four Tips To Find The Right Business Coach For You 

Tip 1) Understand the Curriculum of the Business Coach 

It’s simple to get hooked on someone and their brand. But what are you actually going to learn from there? Is it about making sales or setting better growth processes (simple answer: it’s both)? Or is it about enhancing your leadership skills while focusing on customer relations?

You might love the person’s brand, their personality and may think their events look fun. But ultimately, it’s what you learn that counts. That’s why you should focus on what you’ll be getting out of the coaching, particularly what’s included in their program.

Research to determine exactly what you’ll be getting from their curriculum, the strategies you’ll learn and how you can grow better in the future. It should be super clear and easy to understand.

If not, they’re selling you the sizzle, not the sausage. If you can’t understand what type of knowledge and skills you’ll walk away with, then it’s not worth the investment.


Tip 2) Hire a Business Coach on the Specifics You Want to Learn 

As a business owner, you’re well aware of your pitfalls. The point of bringing on a business coach is to amend these issues so that you can grow to be a better leader.

Get a clear view of what you’re struggling with and what you would like to improve on. From there, focus on bringing in an expert that can assist you with that particular knowledge gap.

An example could be the use of digital marketing. Maybe you’re not that keen on it or don’t know how to utilize it properly. Therefore, finding a business coach with experience in it is crucial.

It could be how to acquire venture capital or how you want your business to operate in a year. A growth consultant is probably the way to go then.

It’s a much smarter investment to hire a business coach that focuses on helping your gaps instead of one telling you stuff you already know. This self-awareness can pay off in the long run for you and your business.

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Tip 3) Be Wary of Lofty Financial Promises

No business expert can tell you what will happen in the future (COVID-19 anyone?), and no one can promise over-the-top financial promises where you’re rolling around in cash. So if the coach is marketing that you’re going to be stuffed with money after listening to their advice, that’s not going to help you.

In most cases, these coaches are selling programs that lack substance, effective strategies and real-life expertise. It’s merely a cash-grab to hook you in with little promise. More so, if you don’t succeed, it will be your fault, not theirs.

The best bet? Keep an eye out for business coaches that want to help grow your mindset, establish your business and slowly expand your business. It’s those experts that understand the fundamentals of business growth that work the best.


Tip 4) Reviews & Reputation Matter

From finding an SEO agency to hiring a carpenter, and now to business coaches, remember that reputations and reviews matter. What other people think or say about their relations with their coach is going to affect your decision.

So, how to determine what is good or bad?

You have to look up the history of the business coach. Do they run a business, and is it successful? Do they offer mentorship programs that help others? What is the overall feeling of this person?

Finding those answers means reading online reviews of the person, their business, services and coaching and speaking directly to others that they have worked with. The more information you collect, the better the judgement you can make on the person.

If the answers to all those are positive, then you know you’re heading in the right direction with your choice.

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