Is Social Media Important to Grow Your Calgary Business?

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To start us off, the main methods of social media marketing in use today are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. If you are just joining the social media realm, have no fear, you do not need your doctorate to figure out how social media works. Let’s think about this for a second, how many times do we see or hear about someone posting something on Facebook, or watching a person sift through their newsfeed as they wait for the bus?


Social media is an accessory nowadays, and it is with us all day at the touch of a button; it has become a part of the everyday routine. Before some people step foot out of their bed, they have already checked their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn; you name it! They’re all caught up on their feeds first thing in the morning and last thing at night. What better way to reach people than this? Marketing through social media is too easy and cost-effective, with such a good rate of return, to pass up!


Benefits of Social Media Management in growing your Business

With that said, below are some of the top ways that social media marketing can benefit a growing company:

  • Increase Brand Recognition – social media is another channel for new customers to engage with your brand. Or, for existing customers to acquaint themselves better. It is an easy way to reach customers, as they can very easily stumble across your brand on their news feed throughout the day.
  • Improve your brand loyalty – A recent report, conducted by Texas Tech University, states that brands engaging on social media have higher customer loyalty rates than brands that do not have a social media presence. Social media gives companies fast, simple ways to connect with their audience by engaging them and fostering their connection.
  • Elevate Your Sales Opportunities – Think of social media posts or statuses as an opportunity for a conversion; every post you make is a sales pitch with the potential for a sale. With proper social media management, you will build followers. With followers, you reach out to existing customers, new customers, and potential customers. You have the ability to interact with ALL of them! With any post, share, video, picture, etc., you lead them to your website and a potential sale conversion! Now, I am not saying that every social media interaction leads to a sale, BUT, every positive interaction increases the chance of a conversion.
  • Humanize Your Brand – Let’s face it; people like doing business with people, not companies. Well, social media marketing allows a business to interact like a human, instead of as a business on social media channels.


What to Post?

Now that you are on board with social media being a great way to growing your empire, you probably wonder, what’s next? Well, some pointers are:  start looking at your competitors, what are they posting about? Hashtags are your friends when it comes to managing your social media. A hashtag is a label that makes it easier for users to find messages relating to a specific theme, or topic, on social media. Using the pound symbol followed by the theme is considered a hashtag. For example, “#socialmediamarketing” is a hashtag; ensure it flows nicely or simply put it at the bottom of a message to drive traffic to your post.

Now that you are familiar with the use of hashtags, do some research on popular hashtags that relate to your business or industry. Look how frequently they get used and if your competition uses them.


Measuring your Social Media Marketing

Now, you should be posting away, but did you know that you could actually measure, through Facebook, how many people you reach and how many clicked through to your site? Go to your Insights tab and look at the in-depth analysis with which you are provided! Just sitting at your computer gives you the possibility of reaching a substantial amount of people, without even getting off your chair! And, you have the ability to measure the results of your social media marketing!


Hire a Social Media Consulting Firm

If all of this Social Media jargon frightens or confuses you, consider hiring a social media consulting firm to handle your social media management for you. By hiring a social media-consulting firm, you will have social media professionals handling your social media marketing for you. They make their living off of marketing through social media and are very well-trained. Most Calgary social media consulting firms charge a reasonable price and are on the ball when it comes to engaging with your customers. A good question to ask your Calgary-based Social media consulting firm is, “what is their response time to customers?” and “are they answering or providing their customers with accurate information on the company they are presenting?”


Now you know social media management is an essential part of growing your empire. So, get out there and start engaging with your customers!


We hope you enjoyed our post and got the information you require!


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