How to Create Great Online Advertising Copy

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Excellent advertising copy for a Google Ad is the true difference between success and failure. The right tone, voice, language, keywords and execution can bring users streaming towards your website and convert them to customers.

Writing that excellent advertising copy takes time, practice, testing and plenty of work. Having a guide to get you off to the right start can ensure that you truly maximize your Ads’ potential.

Your Guide To Writing Google Ads Copy

Do Your Homework

If you ignore who your audience is, what they want, and what appeals to them, you won’t be able to write ad copy that resonates with them. 

There is no shortcutting past this; you have to research your audience to find out what will convert them into customers. There are specific types of languages, tones and words that can be used for each person.

Let’s compare. 

A blue-collar worker might respond to easier-to-digest copy, straight to the point, with no descriptions and a focus on value and savings.

A high-income person where the money is no object will be swayed byquality and luxury terms; highlighting the brand, the quality, and the name of the service or product will entice them.

Two very different situations, two very different ad copies. 

True value comes with knowing exactly what your target audience is thinking. Anything else and you’ll just be wasting your time and money.


Make Your Headlines Pop! 

The copy might convert the user, but the headline is what’s going to get them looking in the first place. And you have to make sure yours pops! 

Firstly, you’ll have to include a keyword (how else can you get their attention?), but from there, you can be flexible in terms of your audience. Are you looking to offer them a great deal? Or are you interested in promising great results? Some of the best examples to include: 

  • Offer them great deals (such as price, guarantees etc.) 
  • Promise them results (e.g. Personal Injury Compensations)
  • Highlight your status in the industry (e.g. The No 1 Edmonton Marketing Agency
  • The type of service they can experience (e.g. Fast, Effective SEO in Brampton

This all depends on who you are targeting, what appeals to them and what you can promise them from your business. But make sure, regardless, your headlines pop! 

Push Them With Emotional Triggers

While many people tend to think logically when searching for something, others don’t. They feed off emotions or let emotions get the best of them. That’s perfect for your advertising copy. 

You have to trigger them through their emotions, gauging a response so that they are hooked to your Google Ad. If users are strolling through Google and read something that experiences a strong emotional reaction, be it anger, fear or the hope for something better, they’ll click through. 

Use words such as “feel”, “experience”, “enjoy”, “advantage”, “excellent”, “transform” – anything that elicits a positive reaction where the users know they can get something better with your advertisement, use it. 

That way, you pull on their emotions and trigger a reaction from there. That’s the first step to gauging their interest and potentially turning them into customers. 


Focus & Highlight The Benefits

The very best at Google Ads management focus on the benefits of their products or services. Bringing those benefits to light shows the audience why their business is the best choice and how they will provide them with what they need.

Interwoven with the copy, you have to pinpoint the critical details that make your business the must-choose. 

For example, if you were to consider “T-Shirts for Men”, you would focus on:

  • The quality of the clothing 
  • How it makes you feel wearing it (think of the emotional trigger!) 
  • The brand of the clothing available
  • The savings you can experience with this shirt 

You can also focus your Google Ad on ‘solving a problem’.

Let’s look at copy example for social media marketing

“No Likes? No Followers? No profits? We use a variety of proven techniques to improve your social media profile”. 

Just like that, the ad implies that it can solve the problem of the user. If your product or service aims to solve problems, then highlighting how you can do it is key to converting your audience. 

Benefits are an excellent way to boast about your product or service and convince your audience that your business is right for them.

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