How To Brand Your Company In Calgary Effectively


There is no denying the importance that comes with having a recognizable brand. It is one of the most critical factors in attracting consumers. 

It is why, as a business in Calgary, you have to separate yourself from everyone else, by establishing your brand and effectively marketing it.   

Setting Up Your Brand Identity 

Understand What Is Driving Your Business 

What is the purpose of your business? What do you believe in? Is it to make money or provide a reliable service? Do you want to motivate people or help others? Understanding what drives your business, and your ambitions will help establish and form your brand identity. With a firm foundation, you can build up your brand from the ground up. 

Define Your Brand 

To define what your brand is, you have to understand what you offer in the first place. Conducting a review of your products or services is the starting point. With this information, you can how you can fit into the marketplace. 

It’s here that you will require research. Getting a branding agency to look deep into your industry will help you find your niche within the market and understand the emotive and rational needs of your customers.

Once you have established where your business stands within the market, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and develop your own identity. 

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Develop Your Unique Identity and Voice

Being unique and different is what separates you from your competitors. 

What makes Nike stand out from their other athletic companies? It has a unique identity and voice. It’s more than just the “Just Do It” tagline; it’s the colors, the designs, the tone of language, the approach that makes it recognizable. Your business is the same. It has a uniqueness that others don’t have. So what is it? 

Think about what makes your business different. Is it the customer experience or the years of service? Is it your product or your knowledge? Finding your uniqueness is essential to developing your brand voice. From here, you can establish the key factors that build your identity, such as: 

  • The color palette of your company
  • The designs and styles of your product or services
  • The language and the tone of your business
  • Your approach and tone of messages 
  • Typography and fonts of your website 
  • Iconography and photography styles 
  • Web elements 

With your brand voice, be innovative, bold and daring – stand for something you believe in; it will make a difference to your customers. 

Don’t Try To Mimic Big Brands Or Companies 

While it might be easier to follow the trends set by big brands and marketing giants, your business is not going to be able to compete. You’re operating on two different wavelengths. Giants like Apple, Adidas and Nike, have endless resources to manage their brand. You won’t have that same budget – even if you acquire a substantial amount of venture capital in Calgary.

It means you have to carve out your own distinctive identity, and that can work for you. Consumers flock to independent establishments because it is unique to them. You can attract consumers with something more original and authentic. Based on the market research conducted by your Calgary branding agency, and with the right approach, you can create a voice that makes your business stand out from competitors.

Reinforcing Your Identity With A Branding Agency 

Integrate Your Brand into Everything You Do

Establishing your brand is one thing; promoting it another. How do you go about doing that? You have to integrate your brand into everything you do. 



The branding agency can take your brand voice and reflect it in your logo, taglines, slogans, content, campaigns, and online services. They apply the colors, styles, designs, tone of language – all the elements that created your brand – into all aspects of your business. 

Doing so will engage customers and reinforce that you are distinctly different from your competitors. 

Pushing Out Your Brand 

With the help of a Calgary digital marketing agency, you will be able to get your brand out in the open. It’s here that developing a strong and consistent online presence can push your business to the next level. Your audience will spend the majority of their time online, so having a strong brand presence will help. 

That presence can, and should, include all aspects of online marketing: a fluid and interactive website design, consistent and engaging social media profiles, regular blogs and news updates, and advertising and SEO campaigns. Your brand voice will be consistent throughout your online campaign, further establishing your business in the industry. 

The more you promote your brand, the more it becomes ingrained in your customers, the more they will become paying customers. 

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