How SEO is Changing for the Better

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Video Takes over the Rankings

As of right now, 55 percent of the Google search engine results have a minimum of one video in them. This means that slightly over half of all the search rankings will have one video embedded in the pages. This is a new trend that we have seen with SEO services. Which shows us that Google has begun to prioritize pages that have video content in it.

Voice Search Could Take a Hold

On average, 40 percent of adults will perform a minimum of one voice search per day. Products like Google Home and Amazon Echo have seen an increase of up to 35 times since 2008. In fact, one in five of these searches will even come from a voice query. Everything from home assistants to cell phones will make use out of this technology. It’s estimated that 50 percent of the searches will come from a voice query in the future.

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Mobile Results Receive Priority

Like never before, the mobile results could take a priority that it never had before. Google has seen how many of the searches happen through the mobile, and they have tried to make their search engines more friendly to smartphones. As a result, they will finally have more mobile friendly and responsive websites to these things.

An SEO company in 2018 should understand how these new algorithms with Google will change things. In understanding these things, they can rank themselves better with the search engines than ever before. It’s better to make these changes than to fall behind.

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