Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency? 6 Important Questions to Ask

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Who will Manage and Work on My Calgary Marketing Account?

You want a marketing agency who does most of the work in-house. Outsourcing a few services is fine, but too much usually means lower quality.

How Does My Company Compare with Your Other Clients?

There’s nothing wrong with being an agency’s biggest or smallest client, but you’ll want to make sure they are able to handle your needs and give your Calgary SEO account the care it deserves.

How will You Work with My Internal Team?

Communication is important between you and your marketing agency. Look for formal structures designed to keep communication open and a general responsiveness to requests.

How are Calgary Digital Marketing Results and ROI measured?

It’s often difficult to measure the success of a Calgary digital marketing campaign. Your marketing agency should measure key performance indicators and identify how those are helping you meet your goals.

How is Reporting of Marketing Results Handled?

Your contract should include information about how often you will get reports so you can keep track of how your Calgary marketing campaign is doing.

How do Different Departments Work Together?

One agency may have different departments for different aspects of marketing, such as Calgary SEO, social media, and content. Each of these teams should work together to create a cohesive whole for your marketing campaign.

Use these questions to help you find the right Calgary digital marketing agency to boost your marketing efforts.

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